Adrian Gorlicki
Adrian Gorlicki
Published on Jan 2, 2022

Marvel' Spider Man is one of the best exclusives that have ever came out on playstation! Literally. It will be years and years until people stop playing this game.

It is truly one of the best if not the best marvel/spiderman games ever created.

First of all the story is written well for the most part and is intriguing. Keeps you at the edge of your seat from 1 hour to the last. Secondly open world is breath taking and massive it will take you quite a while to get from one side to the other but with your super human abilities you quite fast and you get there in style.

I love the leveling up system in this game the same as unlocking the costumes and doing all the side missions also. However collectibles are tedious, long to collect and gets boring quite fast so that's what I don't like about the game.


Amazing Story! (10/10)

Intriguing and Intresting characters (10/10)

Great villans both old and new (8/10)

Amazing and detailed open world (9/10)

It's a Spiderman Game! (10/10)

Playstation exclusive so what's not to like:) (10/10)


Tedious and boring collectibles 5/10

Annoying and pointless puzzles 3/10

Some part of the story did not make much sense 2/10

Jay Jonah Jameson just purely annoy me! 2/10

Apparently Peter does not find it odd he has not heard from Harry for long period of time? 1/10

Overall a great game so 9.2/10 from me :)