This is a nostalgic game. This was the first open-world game I played. The city was huge and I used to just roam around the city doing taxi missions. After a long time, I realized there were missions in the game and it is not some simulator where I just use cheat codes and shoot all the NPC's and get chased by the cops and blow police vehicles using Panzer tank. When I finally got a PC at home, I played this game for the whole day and during lunch, when my father was having his lunch, I shot a ton of people and my father was watching it all. He was furious that I was playing such a violent game. From that day I still minimize a game when my father enters my room. The RC mission was the toughest mission and legend has it that it was made by Satan himself. I was the only person who could finish that mission after a few tries and my friends brought me to their home to finish that mission. Good times :D