This game is a joke to its prequel. This is an Open World game set in San Fransisco showing how everything is controlled by our Corporate Overlords. The game hints at FAANG with made-up similar names. The game is trying to be young and hip that it totally forgets the seriousness of the dark and grim dystopia the game is really about. The side quests are boring and the world is too bright for a dystopian future. The protagonist Marcus has no back-story, the CtOS 2.0 saw him as a potential criminal in the future, and to prove he isn't, he actually became one LOL. Its hard to feel like you are the good guy when you just run over people, destroy shit, hack cars and bank accounts of people, dance near a blown-up manhole and take selfies after swatting some innocent bystander. The Dedsec video cutscenes are great and funny as they are made up of tons of old memes. The building up to the end is boring with only a few times in which you care what's actually going on. The boss-fight at the end of the game is as disappointing as the game itself.