Only Ace
Only Ace
Published on Jan 10, 2022

Metal Gear Solid 3, what a game.

This game was made in 2004, 17 years ago this game was released and to be honest I don't know how they did it. This game has such a good story, plot and character development and really good graphics for its time. I wont spoil anything but this game does (like many other kojima's games) have long cutscenes. So make sure you get you snacks and use the bathroom before you start. The only 2 issues I have are the "interesting" controls (which is easy to learn after some research) which are easy to forget. And im not sure if anyone else would like this but if the game had quick time events in there cutscenes, it would be so much greater since at times it feels like you can do more during these cutscenes or theres times were the player should control the cutscenes. The camera utilization in cutscenes are a great mechanic though. REGARDLESS I 100% HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO GAMERS WHO LOVE STORY WITH A BIT OF A CHALLENGE.