Published on May 9, 2020

The game is a fun, loving happy time. Seriously. I've never played another game that made me excited to do chores, by which I mean my daily fossil checks and material collections to get more bells and craft more materials. This game is a 10/10 except for some of the writing (at least in it's English iteration) which is some of the cheesiest at times, while other times it's fine. Also, there are some simple improvements that could and should be made, such as including a meter gauge to let players know how much life is left in their tools. These can be fixed with a patch, and while it may not be the devs intention to give this information, players agree that it would be useful and appreciated, especially for those nook miles ticket trips to islands where you're best served with healthy tools.

But the gameplay and infinite possibilities make these mentions miniscule. The gameplay is smooth and the music and audio give the game a happy and fun-loving vibe. Buyer beware, YOU WILL HAPPILY AND WILLINGLY SHED HOURS AWAY FROM YOUR LIFE TO EXPERIENCE THIS GAME. And you're gonna love it.