Ray Stuart
Ray Stuart
Published on Jan 11, 2022

PS5 is my first entry into the Playstation platform. I've been enjoying the large library of blockbuster exclusives. While Days Gone doesn't have the same story impact as The Last of Us; the open world gameplay is much more enjoyable. But the story is still good - lost love; dispair; hope; and community.

Riding your bike is also just fun. Sometimes you want to ride instead of using fast travel. The need to incorporate stealth as well as strategic combat adds really good tension and variety. The hordes are like nothing else I've encountered.

Days Gone is the only game I've gotten the Platinum Trophy and its the only game that I truly wanted to keep playing after I beat it. Usually I'm ready to be done with open world games because of fatigue but this one, because of the characters and mechinisms, made me wish I could play it again for the first time.