12 Games Rated and Reviewed

Reviewed: May 2, 2022


It's very rare for me to really be immersed completely to a game (the story, the gameplay, the art)

Spirit farer managed to engage me in all 3 main points i look for a game that i will definitely like.

The story is so heartwarming but there are also tearjerker moments. I'm so attached to the characters that i'm deliberately pausing from finishing the game. I don't wanna say goodbye.

If you're looking for a cozy game but with great story telling and music at that, you should check out this game for sure.

When The Past Was Around
Reviewed: Apr 14, 2022

Great art style, great music, pleasant story. It's really not hard to fall in love with this game.

It's really immersive as the game's good at setting it's melancholic feel.

The puzzles were also enjoyable, there were some where i hit a wall. (Thank goodness for good yt samaritans lol)

(If you're still recovering from loosing someone dear, or you're easily affected by such stories, might proceed with caution, might open some wounds? )

Anyway, this is a short game, worth your every minute of playtime.

Lost Lands: Dark Overlord (free to play)
Reviewed: Apr 14, 2022

This game was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn't have any expectations for this game as i was just browsing for free games to play on switch (kind of a breather from my constant ones i play)

The story is about a mother rescuing her child, kidnapped by some kind of a demon of the mythic world. An already worthwile story for what its worth.

It is mainly a puzzle game, and the level of difficulty has its dynamics. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I even finished the game in one sitting. (The game is not that long tbh)

So if you like puzzle games, and for free at that, with decent graphics, art style and music, do try this out

Beat Souls
Reviewed: Mar 22, 2022

I was looking for muse dash-like games on switch and this game was on sale.

I didn't like it.

Instead of enjoying the rythm with the keys to time with it, the gameplay just confused the hell out of me. Too much multitasking was taking me away from immersing to the music and acheiving that sweet sweet satisfaction of timing your keys on beat.

Untitled Goose Game
Reviewed: Mar 22, 2022

Ahh to be a goose terrorizing people, cutely at that. I'm living my fantasy of being a perpetual annoyance to people every chance i get with this little goose. The honking is the cherry on top.

It's definitely a funny game, and some of the things you have to do from your to-do-list (yes a goose with a to-do-list lol) are actually challenging.

The music also perfectly sets the chaotic tone of the game.

It's a very straightforward game - Succesfully become the bane of existence in the community from whatever bush you crawled out from.


Reviewed: Mar 9, 2022

First of all, i love the art style of this game, it's like a bleak version of journey.

Aside from its good artsyle, i also like the simplicity of the gameplay. All you need to do is to jump BUT it is not without its challenges. The puzzles from this game are pretty tricky and some obstacles are quite hard to pass through.

This is the perfect game to just casually pick up on a non busy time when you're up for a challenge. ( but of course it's not as challenging and rage quit worthy as getting over it )

Muse Dash
Reviewed: Mar 9, 2022

I got to play muse dash on pc first and the dlcs with more songs to play with are sold separately. It was definitely cheaper cause i didnt feel like needing to buy the dlcs.

The switch on the other hand already includes all the dlc music bundle, obviously comes at a much more higher price but i guess it kinds of worth your money. It's an "i guess" cause i havent tried all of the songs and play wise, pc was much easier to play with. I'm still adjusting on switch.

What i really like about muse dash, either way, as a rythm game is the uncomplicated keys to use when hittjng the notes without sacrificing the difficulty that it also offers. The songs are also good, and i especially like the ones from the "cute bundle pack"

What Comes After
Reviewed: Feb 19, 2022

Trigger warning : topics about suicide are present in this game

What comes after is a short 1 hr side scrolling visual novel game. As vivi you get to meet people and other living beings heading to the after life. As a person who treads life as if already dead, you get to learn new perspectives and even grasp new found hope from talking to and learning the lives of the after life or as what the game calls, what comes after, dwellers.

It's an overall wholesome game, there are moments that can be a bit shocking but there are also moments that are heartwarming. I like short games like this cause amidst adulting and busy schedules it doesnt take up too much of your tim

It's like a warm hug and a cup of coffee or tea on a peaceful sunday.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Reviewed: Feb 26, 2022

Animal crossing saw a rise in sales right after its release and i'd say it's the case of impecable timing due to people getting bored cooped up in their homes. And it's also kind of the best time to play this game. People had so much time to spare or it's the perfect game to escape the horrors happening in real life.

Unfortunately for me, though i really wanted to play this game at its peak, i picked up the game at a later time (i'm broke af). I enjoy sim, lifestyle and building games and i wouldve immersed many hours into this game if i had it earlier.

But to be clear, i'm still enjoying the game but now that things are slowly getting back to normal, and people broke free from pigeon holing, myself included, to deal with shiz, i don't get to play and enjoy myself as i intended to. Especially since the game adapts the real time cycle, i feel like i'm missing a lot when i only get to play it for a short time at night.

Just Dance 2022
Reviewed: Feb 18, 2022

During this pandemic where it's hard to find fun activities you can do with friends and or family, playing just dance with friends in the safety of our homes provided the needed escape and enjoyment amidst the depressing situation, though improving - but still far from being normal again.

The fun also comes from the very familiar up to date popular music of this generation. Parents and the older folks wont be left behind either from all the groovy fun since classic pop tracks from the 80s and 90s are also included.

And the most important part is, this provides fun while burning calories. If you're easily bored with the normal routinary workouts, but also want to move your lazy ass off from the couch, then this is the perfect game for you

Reviewed: Feb 26, 2022

If you're the type who equates hours of gameplay to getting the most out of your buck then this game might not be for you, with its very short 1 hour or less playtime, Lydia is a very short gameplay experience.

But if you don't mind the short playtime of this visual novel game, then it would definitely give your brain that nudge on the bleakness of problematic familes and how it affects the children in real life.

I especially like the tim burtinesque art style which highlights the creep factor of the story. Through the eyes of a child, there is a blur between monsters in the closet and monsters (adult) in real life.

The only little bummer i had while playing was the "peep pop peep pop" dubbing language from the main character. It sounds silly for me and it takes me out a bit from the immersion. But aside from that, i liked the game as it is.

If it would have been longer, and there had been more monster-like worlds from the closet, i wouldve given it a much higher score.

Cozy Grove
Reviewed: Feb 12, 2022

If you want to play a chill and cozy game without investing too much of your time, then this game is for you. It feels like a cross between stardew valley and spirit farer but with much simpler fetch&find type of gameplay. It's not a game like stardew or animal crossing that you sink in your hours into but all in all it's a wholesome experience to play with. I recommend to check this out.