Published on May 2, 2022

I had to play this game for one of the most grueling video shoots whatoplay has even put me through. 

Context: I do not play hard games. It is against my principles and my views on what games should be (easy, light, comfortably challenging). 

Less than five minutes in, there will be a boss who will show you who’s, er, boss. There will be many large, unconquerable monsters where large, unconquerable monsters shouldn’t be. Failing is inevitable and more frequent than comfortable. 

The first boss will be extremely hard. (It took *me* twenty tries in three hours). The game does give you some kind of help though, with summons and friendly, fighting NPCs. (I love you, Rogier!!)

I left that shoot swearing I’d never play it again.  But to be honest? Beating the bosses is kinda exhilarating. After a few days of recovery, I kinda wanted to give it another run. 

So, what the hell. If you’re a masochist who likes to scour weird worlds for lore, take this digital dominatrix out for a spin.