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Series X
Elden Ring
Reviewed: May 2, 2022

I had to play this game for one of the most grueling video shoots whatoplay has even put me through. 

Context: I do not play hard games. It is against my principles and my views on what games should be (easy, light, comfortably challenging). 

Less than five minutes in, there will be a boss who will show you who’s, er, boss. There will be many large, unconquerable monsters where large, unconquerable monsters shouldn’t be. Failing is inevitable and more frequent than comfortable. 

The first boss will be extremely hard. (It took *me* twenty tries in three hours). The game does give you some kind of help though, with summons and friendly, fighting NPCs. (I love you, Rogier!!)

I left that shoot swearing I’d never play it again.  But to be honest? Beating the bosses is kinda exhilarating. After a few days of recovery, I kinda wanted to give it another run. 

So, what the hell. If you’re a masochist who likes to scour weird worlds for lore, take this digital dominatrix out for a spin. 

Reviewed a game
Ring Fit Adventure
Reviewed: Mar 9, 2022

TL;DR: if you’re a super beginner trying to get in the habit of exercising, Ring Fit is a great way to start!

After the pandemic, I’ve gained a loooot of weight from not being able to enjoy my favorite sport, football. While it doesn’t have the social aspect of the rough contact sport, Ring Fit provides such a great avenue for adventure, all while sweating it out in your PJs. 

The adventure mode gives you a quest to find and fight this evil, jacked monster. And the only way you can stop him is if you get stronger too. Your modes of attack come in the form of different exercises like squats, and knees to chests, and some yoga poses. You also go around the world using real-life movements like jogging, sprinting, and knee jumps (boy, do those work up a sweat.) I found some of them kind of repetitive at first, but you’ll get to earn new kinds of exercises as you go through the story.

If you’re a gamer, you’re gonna like (or hate) how their in-game trainer/narrator guides you through each set. There’s lots of helpful visual and audio feedback that make you feel rewarded for each rep you do.

But, even in idle moments, the game still challenges you by making you navigate the menus through the Ring attachment. It might look easy at first, but for impatient people like me who like to keep pushing to speed through the process, you’re gonna get some sore arms. This is especially true in the Adventure mode that doesn’t give you a mechanism to skip the cinematics. (I see what you’re trying to do, Ring Fit. I don’t like it. But I see it!!)

Aside from the story, it also has a few other modes that let you play mini-games, choose different sets of exercises, and also a “multitasking” mode that records your reps on the ring even while you’re tuned in on something else. 

You can set an alarm within the game too, to remind you to do exercises. But, I haven’t seen much use for it since it can only remind you while you’re active on the Switch. 

The exercises might get too easy eventually though. Especially if you’re already a pretty fit person at the onset. The only thing you can do is ramp up the reps, which is easy with the difficulty setting.

I don’t know if I’ve lost much weight yet, but I do feel a lot fulfilled by my newfound energy. It really makes me happy that there’s a game that can somehow translate my progress to real-life results. Watch out for flying rings!! But go get 'em gains!!