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Marvel's Spider-Man
Reviewed: Jan 2, 2022

Marvel' Spider Man is one of the best exclusives that have ever came out on playstation! Literally. It will be years and years until people stop playing this game.

It is truly one of the best if not the best marvel/spiderman games ever created.

First of all the story is written well for the most part and is intriguing. Keeps you at the edge of your seat from 1 hour to the last. Secondly open world is breath taking and massive it will take you quite a while to get from one side to the other but with your super human abilities you quite fast and you get there in style.

I love the leveling up system in this game the same as unlocking the costumes and doing all the side missions also. However collectibles are tedious, long to collect and gets boring quite fast so that's what I don't like about the game.


Amazing Story! (10/10)

Intriguing and Intresting characters (10/10)

Great villans both old and new (8/10)

Amazing and detailed open world (9/10)

It's a Spiderman Game! (10/10)

Playstation exclusive so what's not to like:) (10/10)


Tedious and boring collectibles 5/10

Annoying and pointless puzzles 3/10

Some part of the story did not make much sense 2/10

Jay Jonah Jameson just purely annoy me! 2/10

Apparently Peter does not find it odd he has not heard from Harry for long period of time? 1/10

Overall a great game so 9.2/10 from me :)

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Mafia: Definitive Edition
Reviewed: Nov 15, 2020
Really good remake and solid game overall; great mechanics even tho its basically Mafia 3 but mechanics there wasn't bad so why fix it if it ain't broke. I personally don't like the ending but I understand the game has to stay the same etc. So the story makes sense. The protagonist is quite solid and I really like him! Basically a family man and had a good reason to join Mafia from the poor background, chased by the Sallieries rivals, wrong place wrong time when he met Paulie & Sammy and so on. ++++++++; Gameplay (7.5/10) Mechanics(8/10) Setting(10/10) Its a Mafia game I love it!(10/10) Good way to join Mafia 1&2 together(9/10) Graphics(10/10) Cars& addition of motorcycles(10/10) Big beautiful world(10/10) ----; Day one bugs (5/10) Story ending(1/10) Limited ways you can explore the world during the story(2/10) Spending to much time in the vehicle (1/10) Overall; Great experience I had lots of fun playing this game; a must play if you a mafia fan. Great remake & makes you excited for mafia 4 if they ever decided to make one.
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The Last of Us: Part II
Reviewed: Nov 15, 2020
If you have a ps4 and do not own this title as of yet do yourself a favour and get it! This is in my opinion the best game of 2020 I have played so far and easily the contender for game of the year. Unpopular opinion but part 2 is better than part 1 ☺ ++++++++ Gameplay (9/10) Graphics&Visuals (10/10) Ellie is bada** (10/10) Amazing crafting&upgrade system (8/10) Enemies more challenging, infected, wolves, scars etc. (10/10) Locations are pretty decent (7/10) Only witness 1 bug throughout the game (9/10) ------- Story, Story, Story (1/10) Ellie is on rampage& revenge mission pretty whole game(1/10) Clickers detect you when they shouldn't (5/10) Done Joel dirty, he's insignificant in part two (1/10) Naming all NPC's like I cared who I killed (3/10) Letting you play as Abbie and try to make you care for her (2/10) Overall; A good game I actually enjoyed it more than I did part 1 tbh. But I know naughty dog can do better but it actually makes me feel hopfull and excited because if more people agree with my negative points theres a chance part 3 comes out on ps5 and they actually make the whole story better. This game is not perfect, it is definitely not what it should be in my eyes still something to enjoy and definitely should be picked up.
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Red Dead Redemption 2
Reviewed: Nov 15, 2020
I absolutely love and adore this game it is just fantastic. Its everything I would like it to be. (Describing only single player not multiplayer) First of all Graphics and Visuals are just breathtaking. Literally hours and hours spend just going around exploring the world. Visuals are as amazing and realistic that at very start of the game; when I encountered packed of wolves for split second or two I was scared but excited, forgetting I am playing video game in 2018 and not fighting packs of wolves, in freezing cold America 1899. The only flaw I can think of is the physics were over the top at times; when on your horse you could go flying when you touch a branch of the tree or a rock slightly that was annoying but now a days its fixed 99% of the time. ++++++++ Graphics& Visuals (10/10) Gameplay (10/10) Story, Story, Story...Best story game from Rockstar (10/10) Unforgettable Characters old and new(8/10) Realism;hair, beard grow, dead animals decay over time, npcs react of you being dirty, cleaning weapons etc.(8/10) Horse& Horse management (8/10) Open World (10/10) Main Protagionist(10/10) Camp (6/10) Did not encountered bugs in single player (10/10) ---- Unfair Bounty system (2/10) Michah, I hated him pretty much all game (1/10) Physics over the top at times (5/10) Annoying NPC's+encounters (1/10) Overall the game has very little flaws and it deserves all credit it gets a real MASTERPIECE a 'MUST HAVE' in your collection highly recommended 9/10 from me :)