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Super Mario Odyssey
Reviewed: May 2, 2022

This is my first time playing the game Super Mario on switch. As a mario fan Im aware of the game story and the classic 2D mario game I played on DVDs, I dislike the 3D aspect of this game but that doesn't mean I hate the graphics. Though, the game is so creative. I like the game mechanic where you can control enemies by throwing the cap on them. This make the game fun. I am not still done with the game so this review will update over time. But all I can say the game is a bit easy than the classic 2D mario games i play on DVDs.

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Hollow Knight
Reviewed: Mar 28, 2022

This game is surely one of my favorite action, adventure game. Great recommendation by my co workmates. I like the animation and the environmental art design of the game. I've been playing this game for almost 24hrs. I haven't been able to clear the game Im stuck on different maps, I'm still curious and searching for all the maps upcoming challenges and adventures.

Worth buying?

Absolutely, especially on switch.

The good? The Bad?

My face / Map size, so huge.

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Reviewed: Mar 9, 2022

Great coop game.

I like the art of this great game, classic 80's animation. It's like playing a classic arcade game Contra, which is also a great game. It's frustrating at the very beginning of the game but once you get the pattern you will get used to this great game. I hope you like my great review on this great game. 

Worth buying?

Yes, If you're up for difficult games, I found no bugs and glitches.

Want to master the game?

Master the art of parrying.

I only finished 28% of the game so this great review will update soon!

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AJ the Great

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Dota 2
Reviewed: Oct 8, 2021

OG for the win!!! Less goo!