Published on May 2, 2022

Fun and chaotic game! HAHAH Loud voices here & there, screams everywhere, your body literally also moved as you stay away from the zombies. LOL. This is definitely a game for friends and solo too. It’s a FPS game with so many settings to play and weapons to use to kill the hordes of zombies. You need to find a safe place to hide to be in the next level and I don't know when will it end, unless you die and all your teammates didn't survive then you'll have to start again. And I haven't played this game for more than 10 hrs though, I barely know how to shoot the zombies, but be careful you might shoot one of your teammates. Which I basically did, unintentionally. :D And playing this game makes me dizzy, it made me vomit and that's not cool. Again, all in all, it was FUN and CHAOTIC!