Hazel Thea Ong
Hazel Thea Ong
Published on Apr 29, 2022

I finally able to play a zombie shooting game. As for this game, Left 4 dead 2, I love the graphics, replayability, the visuals and the voice over. During my interaction in this game, I was able to gain friends on Steam online and was able to play with them through Campaign and Survival Mode. Survival was the hardest type of mode I played, especially playing RocketDude. I am having a hard time playing these. Gosh, I wasn't able to blink my eyes for 1 minute and my hands are already tired when I played. Even my voice is struggling. HAHA. Zombies are sometimes annoying because they try to kill you so badly. The big bosses like Spitter, Hunter and Witch, they really do a great damage. So be aware and shot them while you have bullets. Don't you ever let them touch you. So, Left 4 Dead 2 gives a lot of great things to experience.

Overall, this game is truly awesome. It's very convenient to play in this platform and you have to be aware of its upgrade so that you could always connect to the Steam cloud. If not, you can't be able to play with your friends on Steam. Just play and do what you've got. Fighting!