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Battlefield 2042
Reviewed: Nov 21, 2021

30 hours in (around level 41), and I have to stay I tried really hard to love the game so far. I've been playing the beta for a decent amount of time and I knew this was going to happen, but only after I played the ea for a week I discovered that the game has a bigger problem than its optimisation : the game design itself. The maps are incredibly empty and the travel time between points is huge, making the transitions very frustrating : walk 600 meters you get sniped, respawn walk 200 meters you get killed by an apache, respawn on squad you're in the middle of nowhere while 30 players are waiting for you near the next point. Playing as infantry often feels like a mess (I do like the map orbital though).

I'm still going to play the game and keep some hope for the next year of updates, but I'd like to see some major changes concerning the maps themselves, a lot more weapons (2 MG's and 3 secondary weapons is unacceptable), and a stable experience at the very least : I've seen (on ps5) flying people across the map, hovercraft climbing towers, jeeps litterally flying in slow motion, not to mention the amounts of rollbacks I experience on every single game.

In this current state I'd recommend to wait a few months at least before buying the game, you won't miss much.