Bryan DeLoach
Bryan DeLoach
Published on Dec 3, 2021

Great experience with this one. Originally I had started it but wasn’t really engaged by the combat, but I gave it another go and I’m glad I did. I definitely see why this is seen as one of the best games on PS4. Graphics are gorgeous, I’m not usually into hack and slash, but the combat is deep and interesting enough to keep it engaging and reasonably challenging. Story starts off slow, but after so many hours spent with these two characters you really get to understand both of their perspectives and needs and you do get connected to them. All of the characters in the game are pretty grounded and interesting/entertaining. Gameplay gets pretty addicting (battle, find loot, solve puzzles, beat boss, repeat) and the story is paced well enough that I was actually engaged through the full 30-40 hours I put in it until the end.

However boss variety is pretty limited, and I felt like the skill progression system was kind of unbalanced as I kept gaining so many experience points and skills so quickly I barely had time to learn and appreciate the last skill. Also it would be really nice if the camera was further back during battle so you could actually see more of the battlefield. Makes it awkward to fight multiple enemies. And the end does feel a bit anticlimactic, as it becomes clear it’s the first part of a larger story. Not necessarily a bad thing, as it just leaves me wanting to really play the next one and see where the story and characters go.

Overall, an amazingly made game, with a couple of things that could be polished, but generally fun action and a satisfying story to keep you playing until the end.