Yuri N. Macedo
Yuri N. Macedo
Published on Jun 17, 2020

This game is great... but it's not for me lol.

Everything about this title is fantastic. I've never played Animal Crossing before, but I must say, it is certainly enjoyable. A few "quality of life" features are lacking, like crafting in bulk. But despite this, it absolutely shines as the best "sandbox" game I've ever played. Nice graphics, cool music and easy gameplay.

But I can't play it the amount I'd want to. This game is extremely time consuming, and someone in college as myself can't afford to waste hours and hours building an island. Keep this is mind, if you don't have time, you won't be able to see everything this game has to offer.

So this is my review. A incredible game, but one I'll not play anymore, for I don't have enough time to enjoy it slowly and steady, as the game demands.

But if you have time to waste, get this game rn, 'cause it's a true gem on the switch.