André Villanueva Escarela
André Villanueva Escarela
Published on Apr 27, 2022

I'd never played a GoW before because I didn't like it was all QTEs and button smashing, but this is fantastic.

Graphics, OST, gameplay, character development, everything is excelent. The combat is hard to master but if you max out Atreus it'll help a lot by stunning enemies or distracting them. There's a lot of epic moments (my favorite by far is the escape of Helheim in the floating ship) and the semi open world is full of secrets. The only thing I didn't like was the endgame. You can't upgrade your weapons, skills and armor enough to face the last fight of the story overpowered. After you finish the story you can fight the valkyries but if you don't want to have a really hard time you need to farm a lot in a stupid maze and a world where the gameplay becomes musou-like. And even so the valkyries are hard to take down.

But overall this is a masterpiece, and although not my favorite PS4 game, it's still one of the best of the last generation.