David Poirier
David Poirier
Published on Feb 2, 2021

Days Gone

At first, I wasn't sure if I would like the game, It took me at least an hour to get into it. If you feel that way when you start the game just give it a try you'll see it's worth it. Once you encounter your first horde at a NERO outpost you get the feel of the game. A vast open world where you scavenge for scrap and other supplies and encounter hordes of Freaks. I was able to get lost on the map just searching for things here and there because it's so fun to do. It's one of the best PS4 games I've played so far, I even got the platinum trophy for the game. I just had to do everything because it was so entertaining. Deacon St-John is just an amazing character you might not get attached to him at first but he gets to you pretty fast and you love every word from him. I liked the whole story of Days Gone, if you're looking for a good game to play I recommend this one.