Published on Dec 27, 2021

Imagine yourself being kidnapped by US Forces and being sent off to Guantanamo Bay. A soldier decides to torture you by stripping you of any food or water. Instead he takes a rag, douses it in water, and rings it out over your head. You’re really thirsty, but you are forced to drink the water from the rag as it drips into your mouth. This is what the story telling is like in this game.

Pacing is an extremely key issue here. After every 30-40 minutes of gameplay you have to sit through what seems like an eternity’s worth of “cutscenes” and dialogues. I put cutscenes in quotations because they are literally just slideshows with voice acting layered on top of them. The story telling would have been somewhat bearable had the cutscenes actually been rendered in-game cutscenes and not whatever the heck the developers of this game were made to create instead.

The side quests are useless. The team-bonding episodes which are meant to increase the productivity of your team mates in battle are unbearable.

It’s unfortunate since the combat in this game is actually fun. It’s frantic, fast paced, and sometimes challenging on higher difficulties. The team mate system is cool as it allows you to tap into your team members powers and use them in battle for a few seconds. The executions are beautiful. The progression system is actually layered. It’s all there in terms of an ARPG - just buried under a steaming pile of s**t.

TL/DR: this game is what happens when you have a good idea and you let it rot.