John Rausch
John Rausch
Published on May 19, 2021

Bioware has come through for fans with this Legendary Edition of the best video game trilogy of all time. They greatly improved #1, and #2 & #3 never looked better. It’s great to have all of the DLC included. It was a great experience playing all of them back-to-back, did it in 6 days. I didn’t realize how much I missed these games. This is a great collection- that includes ME2- my 2nd highest rated game of all time!

Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

This is the first time I’ve played the full game of ME1 in 2021- but I’ve played #2 & 3 many times in the past. I liked #1 quite a bit, although it’s a bit short. There’s only a few main missions. It definitely adds to the Mass Effect story. There’s a bit too much time in the Mako, and too many elevators. The gameplay is much improved to be close to #2 & #3. The graphics are better- except human’s faces in cutscenes. Overall I liked it pretty well- it was better than I thought. I will play it again the next time I want to experience the Mass Effect world.

Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Simply put- ME2 is one of the best games of all time! In my top 5. Shepard is at her best in this one. It’s great building your crew and going on loyalty missions for them. There’s such a wide variety of missions- never gets boring. It’s a great action rpg. There are great boss fights- but the worst enemies for me are those darn husks! It builds up to a great ending mission- although it stinks losing some of your crew. The 4k graphics look great- especially in several face models like Thane. It builds well off of ME1 and leads well to ME3. It’s the best in the series by far- but you should play all 3 games to truly experience the ME world. I’ve played this many, many times- and I highly recommend!

Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

ME3 ends the trilogy on a good note. Although I like ME2 better, there’s a lot going for #3. It has more action than the other two games. It also has many improvements- such as graphics, gameplay, and little elements like being able to use the omnitool to bypass doors, jumping across gaps, etc. Bioware was at its height of game making with this one. I must say the characters in #2 were much better except for Liara. Most people don’t like the ending, but I don’t mind it- especially with the extended cut. This rounds out the Legendary Edition well- and it’s a must to play all three games.