Steve Andrade
Steve Andrade
Published on May 8, 2022

Wow. This is a toughie to review so I'm going to keep it short and maybe add as time goes on.

• Ok gunplay and first person hand to hand combat, but I wish there was a way to more fluidly switch between the two; a fix for that would make up close combat John Wick style badass.

• There's some exploration to be done, but Night City could be so much more. It would be great to be able to enter any building and find loot and extra quests to unlock. Night City feels more like a backdrop and less immersive than it really could be.

• The story is engaging at times, but not enough so to fully pull you in.

• There are occasional difficulty spikes that are absolutely insane and outright impossible to tackle even after you have leveled up to max street cred and have an arsenal of powerful weapons and have mad combat skills.

• This game is glitchy as hell. NPCs will strike odd poses and sometimes you can see them sitting in an invisible car. Matter of fact, I beat Adam Smasher by exploiting a glitch by getting him accidentally stuck Ina spot where I was above him and he could fire, but wouldn't jump up to the next platform.

• The stealth sections are cool and using your cyberware to leverage exploits in the environment is a good idea and oddly enough, this is what Crysis could have used with the Nanosuit and I hope to see it in the upcoming Crysis 4.

• Johnny Silverhand is a cool antagonist, but his storyline could have used a bit more fleshing out early on into it; it was a bit of a jolt and confusing.

• The soundtrack is incredible with occasional top tier voice acting but some of the side characters you can tell they grabbed off the subway

• The Series S handles this game surprisingly well. I also own it on PC and I'm impressed with what they did with what resources were available. While the performance dip is noticeable from my 3060 rig in which it runs at a steady 60, it still holds up well and I seldom see it dip below 30FPS, which is definitely playable. I never played it on Xbox One, but I've heard the horror stories and I'm impressed that it actually ran on that console.