Steve Andrade
Steve Andrade
Published on Nov 16, 2021

Has the same bug in it that Crysis 2 where the audio cuts out and after a while playing like that, the game crashes. There is also a glitch where when the binoculars are equipped holding a Ceph weapon, the weapon disappears and you have to "select" it again or pick it up. Speaking of pickups, some swapped weapons disappear into the ether. I have also noticed a glitch in places and at times where the face buttons, the entire right side of the controller, can be rendered unusable.

Overall, it's a faithful new rendition of a classic epic series that deserves it's role in the Switch library. I was just hoping (with the trilogy as a whole), the devs would have gone the Halo 2 remaster route and had overhauled some graphical highlights from the game. For instance, the cutscene where Prophet is jumping from building to building and eventually landing superhero style on an abandoned apartment building complaining why CELL won't "stay out of his damn way" could have been remastered when it showed Prophet utilizing the Nanosuit's extreme agility, parkouring these buildings and finalizing in a cool superhero external shot of him landing. Bigger squads of enemies with more options to attack or subvert them, revamped human AI so that CELL Mercs fight more like the impressive North Koreans from the first installment that used advanced squad tactics. Touches such as these would have added great cinematic and gameplay value to a franchise trying to [hopefully] breathe new life into it. 

You're playing a tried and true forever classic masterpiece of video game and FPS history in this trilogy on fairly old Switch hardware in [almost] it's entirety (missing VTOL mission from Crisis 1 remastered, I'm talking about). Despite it's shortcomings, appreciate it.