Arv L
Arv L
Published on Jun 13, 2022

As a game that is inspired by my favorite Breath of the Wild, and its capability to run in both mobile and laptops engaged me to the journey, it was an okay game at launch. The inpirations were obvious such as climbing, the open world, and the over all feel of the game. However at the start the game may showcase some promise with exemplary graphics which is taking advantage of the game being online, but some aspect of the game tend to appear to be too simple or with less originality and technical restrictions such as phone specs or storage, and I stopped playing the game.

The popularity of Genshin kept on rising. Having an new phone enabled me to pick the game again with more content, more characters and a more expansive space. The characters are fun to play, foraging is smooth, story is intreresting and traversing the land is more enjoyable due to the unique skills of new characters.

There are a lot of things that I like and dislike about the game. and it is challenging to nararate them, so I shall list them down instead:

Pros (+)

  • Diverse gameplay based on characters equipped
  • Good equipment and level up system
  • Smooth coop
  • Story rich world and characters
  • Great visuals
  • Engaging daily activities
  • Active Community
  • Easy controls
  • Cross saves

Cons (-)

  • Too much dialogue
  • Unskippable dialogue and acts
  • Paimon talks too much
  • Paimon's high pitched voice
  • Large updates form time to time
  • 5 star rarity and how crucial it makes adventuring easier
  • Unbalanced level difference for solo players (hard to farm materials)

Overall it is a decent rpg specially for android, it has a huge user base and continous support from bith gamers and developers. You really need to invest some time to fully enjoy the game or spend some money to enjoiy it faster. It's a game worth a try for anyone who has it in mind.