Published on May 4, 2022

I got a chance to play this game for a couple of weeks, beat it for around 20 hours, and now, In celebration of May 4th "Star Wars day" to write a review.

The story created more sense to the Star Wars canon since "Order 66" is not a complete success. There are some Jedi's survived the purge like Obi-wan, grandmaster Yoda and the man of this game Cal Kestis. 

Throughout his journey, you will learn the ways of a Jedi that can be used in combat and traversing through obstacles. Judging from how it is played, it feels like I am playing "Uncharted" or "Tomb Raider" without guns but with the spice of a "Souls" game.

*giggles when lightsaber decapitates enemy

It's not much of an open world since you can only visit a limited number of planets. This game will certainly satisfy your itch for exploration along with discovering hidden paths and unlocking secret item boxes but will always remind you for a skill check therefore detours are inevitable.

Replayability-wise, you can always practice your mastery of the force (or have fun playing with the force) through playing combat challenges and battle grid. Completing these challenges will earn you tokens that can be exchanged for rewards.

Overall, EA games did not let me down on this one, in which the story is its strongest point. They made this game loyal to the Star Wars canon and even made it open for future sequels, spin-offs, and cameos.