Published on Nov 14, 2021

Here we go again to review another Ubisoft game!


This game really took a lot of my time and enjoyed every minute of it. Laughing out loud, screaming due to an exhilarating joy (especially when I’m using a flame thrower) … joke

Can I say this game feels like GTA but only on a first-person perspective?

There’s a lot of things to do like:

-         Ohhh! This game feels like GTA! Let’s rampage the town. Burn the people that believes to their so called “The Father”. I love the flame thrower but this weapon feels so evil. It can also hurt your allies while you are on the process of eliminating the enemies.

-         Watching your dog kill enemies then get loots for you.

-         Hijack people’s cars and trucks, pile them up and make your own checkpoint. And when they get out their car and they look hostile to you, throw a grenade, Molotov or C4 to blast them into pieces HAHAHA!

-         Run through the woods, Hike the tallest mountains to hunt deer, moose, bears and cougars. Use your weapons like bows and rifles to collect their skins and sell them.

-         Save up money and buy stuff. From weapons and clothes, from cars to boats, helicopters and planes.

-         Have some a little bit of peace… Drive around the map and enjoy the American scene, until some bastards see you and will try to end you with a car chase action! Try to get ahead of them and get off from the vehicle. Don’t forget to bring your rocket launcher to wipe out their existence.

-         (Don’t) Kill innocent people… Then say “Oops, sorry” a thousand times.

Why Ubisoft keep adding customization options on your character if only you can see it on a wanted post?

There are many perks you can add to your character and it’s all up to you.

The game is just 3 years old. WORTH PLAYING!