Ys Origin for Nintendo Switch

Ys Origin

Oct 1, 2020
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Themes: ActionRPG
Content Rating: Teen


For the first time, the cult-classic Ys series arrives on Xbox! Enter the World of Ys and discover one of the greatest japanese A-RPG of all time. Following a devastating demonic invasion, the twin Goddesses use their magic to bring the inhabitants of legendary Ys safely into the sky. While the demons work to construct Devil’s Tower and reach the humans’ new abode, the Goddesses disappear. As a mighty warrior or a cunning mage, you must seek the Goddesses in Devil’s Tower. With your swordsmanship and spells, can you banish evil from the land of your ancestors?

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May 30, 2021


Apr 22, 2021

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Scott JeslisOct 22, 2020
While the game is challenging it's not overly difficult. Your hero does seem powerful and that's a nice feeling. There's also plenty of environmental puzzles and platform jumping to break-up any monotony of button mashing. This one also plays extremely well in undocked mode and hist the mark of a great action RPG all around!
Cullen BlackOct 08, 2020
I don’t know if I would recommend Ys Origin as someone’s first experience with the series – that goes to the masterpiece known as Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana – but this is a great port of one of its best games. The music is catchy, the art is great, and the gameplay is some of the snappiest from the classic Ys titles. Given the game’s pedigree, I came in with very high expectations, and I’m happy to say most of those were met.
Jordan RudekSep 29, 2020
It would seem that the primary (and lone) setting of Ys Origin isn’t the only aspect that emphasizes repetition. Unlockables are earned by completing the game with the two characters available, and then the third that becomes playable after that. Bonuses include a time attack, arena mode, new character forms, and more. Fortunately, there are unique story beats for each one, some new bosses as well, and they each play quite differently.