Yoku's Island Express for Nintendo Switch

Yoku's Island Express

May 29, 2018

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Developer: Villa Gorilla
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Yoku’s Island Express is an open world/metroidvania-style pinball adventure, Seamlessly blending platform navigation with pinball mechanics across a large open world.

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Neal RonaghanMay 29, 2018
Yoku’s Island Express is far from bad. It has great ideas, a very good soundtrack, and competent gameplay. But while there’s not too much actively wrong with it, it doesn’t do anything exceptionally well either. It’ll do.
Kevin McCluskyMay 31, 2018
There's also some slowdown when moving quickly from area to area using the fast travel system. It's possible other platforms don't have this problem, but it was only a minor annoyance in any case. Yoku's Island Express is a delight, plain and simple. It's gorgeous, plays beautifully, and I hope it's the start of a new franchise, because I want to play a lot more of this.
Tom MarksMay 29, 2018
Yoku’s Island Express is a novel Metroidvania-pinball hybrid that stands out as something wholly unique. It blends those clashing genres with a beautiful island style, and its satisfying flippers and bumpers make uncovering its wide island a ton of fun. Retreading completed areas while hunting for secrets can occasionally get stale, but Yoku’s Island Express has a refreshingly positive attitude that kept me smiling the whole way through.

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