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Mitch VogelFeb 15, 2018
If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward open-ended platformer that’s easy to get into (or one that’s good for speedrunning), this is the game for you. If you’re looking for an in-depth experience that you can really sink your teeth into, this certainly isn’t. We’d generally give this one a recommendation - it’s a great ride while it lasts - but just bear in mind that it won’t last you long.
Xander MorningstarFeb 17, 2018
From an artist’s perspectives, it’s a 2D pixel art game, with some nice ambiance for music. I didn’t get blown away by it, but I think that’s because the game isn’t going for that. I believe it was going more for fun in the game design rather than in the art, and that’s totally okay. Plus if you like old school video game art, this works fine, otherwise it’s just a “play-it-safe” art style and soundtrack. And that’s really all there is to say about Xeodrifter. It plays great, it’s hard to beat but addicting.
Jaime CarrilloFeb 23, 2018
Summary: There’s a scarcity of places to save your game, but it’s not enough to pass on Xeodrifter. It’s minimalism proves that there’s still a place for simplicity, even on modern powerhouse consoles. It’s like the first Metroid game only, you know, playable.
Renan FontesFeb 15, 2018
While certainly charming and cleverly designed for its short length, Xeodrifter ultimately feels too disjointed for its own good. Separating the overworld into four, smaller maps is a good idea in theory, but the disconnect between stages takes away the interconnected feeling of exploration Metroidvanias thrive on. Bosses themselves are also a big letdown, especially since the weapon customisation would lend itself well to more varied foes.
Danielle PartisFeb 20, 2018
There are some neat ideas in Xeodrifter, but they never come together to make a coherent whole.