Wulverblade for Nintendo Switch


Oct 12, 2017
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Developer: Darkwind Media
Content Rating: Mature


Its 120AD and the Roman army have seized control of the south of Britannia. Their goal, to march north and conquer the rest of the island with brutal and bloody efficiency. The 5000 strong 9th Legion are preparing for war, but little do they know what lies in wait for them. Caradoc, a guardian of the northern tribes has rallied the war bands and is ready to bring the war to the Romans. Caradoc bares a gift that even he is not aware of. And soon, the Ninth Legion will discover its true power.

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Justin NationOct 17, 2017
Overall, Wulverblade is an absolute masterpiece and for people who have been bemoaning the lack of quality beat-em-ups it should provide many hours of meaty combat and carnage. To really enjoy it you’ll need to overcome falling into old habits and committing to learning all of the moves and nuance made available to you. Your reward will be a very viscerally satisfying and overall bloody good time, with some crazy surprises you won’t want to miss out on.
Jaime CarrilloOct 25, 2017
If Golden Axe and Hardcore History had a baby, it would look very much like Wulverblade. Despite the simplistic and occasionally cumbersome gaming mechanics, it will scratch any itch you have to play beat-em-ups. Stunning visuals and intense historical detail make this indie title a welcome gem.
Justin CelaniOct 20, 2017
Wulverblade is a blast to play, it looks and runs well, and it has rolling heads and slow motion death kills. It’s colorful yet dark, it’s a game yet it offers an educational aspect. It can feel hard at times, but the checkpoint system helped elevate that most moments. Grab a friend, a joycon, and do some split screen skull bashing because Wulverblade is a fun nostalgia romp and worth the price of admission.