Worms W.M.D

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Ryan CraddockNov 23, 2017
Worms W.M.D. is a good example of a game that can use its original, winning design format, spice things up with a whole bunch of new features, and still come out as an impressive title. The introduction of crafting weapons between rounds adds to the complexity of the strategy in a good way – the game can’t be picked up as instantly as games such as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but with time and dedication, you’ll find a seriously rewarding tactical battle game.
Daan KoopmanNov 30, 2017
The hours flew by in not only the single-player levels, but also the constant stream of multiplayer matches. If you are searching for a strategic timesink, this game can get you quite far.
Darren PalmaNov 24, 2017
Finally, a true sequel that stands on the same playing field as Worms: Armageddon. It’s the most customisable game in the series yet with added mechanics that actually improve the gameplay. The experience is great regardless of how you play it, but nothing quite beats a room full of mates in stitches after you completely miss-time a Holy Hand Grenade. If you don’t have any mates around, then you can always take your little army online to rank up or earn a new gravestone in the campaign.
Nick Gillham Nov 23, 2017
Loading times are a minor niggle though, and while the single player does fall a little bit flat it does a good job of educating you on weapon usage and game mechanics. But, let’s face it, multiplayer is where Worms has always shined and it’s no different here. Get a bunch of friends together and duke it out; it gets a bit chaotic with more than four people playing, but with friends chaos is fun.
Kieran HarrisDec 11, 2017
Worms on the Switch may not warrant a repurchase if you've already played it elsewhere, but it certainly does prove the best entry point for those who have missed out. It provides the most diverse options for local multiplayer and features timed-exclusive content that, whilst not gaming changing, are a nice addition.
John ReidNov 24, 2017
Worms W.M.D. isn’t the most original entry in the series. Rather, it’s a modernised version of the earlier games. It may not be the best single player game either, but couple it with the portability and various multiplayer options of the Switch, Worms brings a fun and frantic game that is always best shared.
Jose A. RodríguezNov 23, 2017
Worms W.M.D. es un título completo, divertido y que hace las delicias de las reuniones sociales en las que demostrar, como en muchos otros títulos, que en el fondo queremos ser mejores estrategas que los demás... una experiencia centrada en el multijugador, llena de sentido del humor y a la que sienta de maravilla poder venirse con nosotros en el bolsillo.
Alberto PastorNov 27, 2017
Es posible que no alcance la grandeza del mítico Worms Armageddon, aquel videojuego fue una revolución, pero el Team17 puede estar orgulloso de haber creado uno de los mejores capítulos de su ya veterana franquicia.
Jan WöbbekingNov 23, 2017
Worms W.M.D nimmt zwar nur kleine Änderungen an der angestaubten Formel vor, in der Summe ermöglichen sie aber einige frische Taktiken, die mir auch unterwegs spannende Runden beschert haben. Vor allem mit den Panzern macht es Spaß, sich zwischen zwei Bergen zu duellieren oder vergrabene Gegner aus der Deckung zu locken.
Henrique PereiraDec 19, 2017
Worms W.M.D. é sem dúvida um digno sucessor de Armageddon ou World Party, mantendo intacto tudo o que os fazia especiais e ainda tem tudo o que se espera de um jogo em 2017. Ainda que as nova adições em termos de jogabilidade não sejam as melhores e não esteja totalmente afinado a nível de interface, não deixa de ser essencial para qualquer fã de Worms que tenha uma Nintendo Switch.
Felice Di GiuseppeNov 29, 2017
Worms W.M.D trova in Nintendo Switch il suo habitat ideale, declinando alla perfezione tutte le sue caratteristiche alla filosofia “gioca dove, quando e con chi vuoi”, e valorizzandole all’inverosimile. Il divertimento, insomma, è assicurato nonostante tre aspetti che rompono un po’ le uova nel paniere: i caricamenti lenti, l’assenza di simpatici easter-egg in salsa Nintendo e il prezzo non proprio accessibilissimo. Se siete alla ricerca di un grande classico rivisitato in chiave (nemmeno tanto) moderna da giocare sulla console ibrida della casa di Mario, accomodatevi pure.