World to the West

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Neal RonaghanJan 14, 2018
While I’m ultimately coming away from World to the West more disappointed than I expected, I admire the expanse and ambition. It’s a gorgeous game with some delightful, puzzling moments. This is still a cool game, just one with some flaws that hold it back from being exemplary.
William MurphyJan 15, 2018
In total, World to the West is another solid entry in the Zelda-like games that are hitting the Switch’s eShop. Its shortfalls are minor, and its upsides are great. If, like me, you long for a top-down Hyrulian adventure on the Switch, then World to the West is a great game for you. It’s out today on the Nintendo Switch, for a mere $19.99 and worth every penny for a nice 10-20 hour adventure.
Ryan CraddockJan 15, 2018
World To The West is a nicely put-together adventure game, making use of a good roster of characters with different abilities to provide the player with enjoyable puzzles and combat. Some pacing issues and the odd niggle here and there prevent this game from being truly special but, if you are a fan of 3D adventure games full of humour and exploration-based puzzles, you’ll definitely have some fun here.
Trevor GouldJan 22, 2018
I think World to the West presents some very strong ideas, but the execution doesn’t always translate to captivating gameplay. If you’re on the fence, my recommendation would be adding it to your wish list for a future sale. There’s fun to be had here, but Rain Games’ earlier release, the less expensive Teslagrad, might be a better fix.
Alex SeedhouseMar 23, 2018
If you’re the type that allows yourself to become lost in the sense of adventure, then you really can’t go wrong with World to the West. There is some laborious puzzle design that leads to inconsistent pacing, but such moments never derail the experience enough – leaving you to become lost in the world’s charm, the witty repartee between its characters, and the story that it wants to tell.
Alexander ThomasJan 16, 2018
World to the West is a clever, bright, and very enjoyable adventure platformer with increasingly difficult challenges, unique and lovable characters, a host of great skills both from the start and to unlock, and it really is just a pleasure to get lost in the story. Each character has their own approach to combat, and not everyone is able to defeat an enemy, yet this doesn’t feel like an oversight – simply another trait of the hero in play.
Emily SowdenJan 31, 2018
Still, for a game as ambitious as this, there's a lot of fun to be had. And World to the West gives you a lot to do across the expansive space. It may stumble in its pacing and drag occasionally, but it's an entertaining and decent-sized adventure game that lovers of the genre will no doubt enjoy playing.
Ollie ReynoldsJan 23, 2018
World to the West is a lovely little adventure title that will immediately appeal to fans of Zelda games. Its lack of difficulty and repetitive gameplay can be a bit of a dampener on the experience, but this is definitely a game you’ll want to check out.
Drew HurleyJan 15, 2018
A World to the West is actually superior to its predecessor. The puzzles are wonderful and offer up some real head-scratching challenges, and the mechanics are engaging and fun. Parallels are evident between this and A Link to the Past and considering the quality of that game, in the comparison, it shows the quality of this one. A real surprise here, it is definitely one of the best Nindies to hit Nintendo Switch yet, and considering some of the titles hitting the console recently, that's really saying something.
Pedro MeleiroMar 16, 2018
World to the West surge de uma equipa jovem mas promissora, que marcou uma estreia bastante acima da média. A ambição neste segundo título em integrar quatro personagens com mecânicas muito distintas e fazê-las resultar num universo de jogo cativante e com puzzles à altura da sua premissa, talvez tenha excedido um pouco o que este estúdio seria capaz de entregar no tempo de desenvolvimento que lhe foi dedicado.