World of Final Fantasy Maxima

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Mitch VogelNov 19, 2018
World of Final Fantasy Maxima acts as a wonderful celebration of the Final Fantasy series that will surely appeal to fans both new and old. Though the difficulty is a little on the easy side, the story is uninspired and the visuals are disappointingly blurry, the Mirage-catching mechanics and well-crafted RPG systems make this one a good recommendation.
Daan KoopmanNov 22, 2018
The interactions between characters as well as the gameplay are incredibly well crafted. Maxima's presentation is halfway there between the higher-end versions and the PS Vita release. The textures aren't as flat as on Vita, but there is some blurriness to be seen. Overall though, this is one of the better full-blown RPGs on the system, with a no-nonsense approach that kept me coming back.
William MurphyNov 21, 2018
Overall World of Final Fantasy is a solid game that’s entertaining and offers a lot of different things to do in the game. Longtime fans of Final Fantasy will enjoy the many callouts to past games but the game itself doesn’t hinge on this. The story takes a while to get interesting, but the best parts of the game have nothing to do with the story at all. It’s ideal for anyone just looking for a fun game to play.
Kazuma HashimotoNov 26, 2018
Overall, World of Final Fantasy: Maxima has a handful of new features to differentiate it from the base game, however outside of the ability to carry an additional two monsters in your party their inclusion is fairly minimal. Maxima doesn’t offer anything of any real substance beyond this as an expansion - as the inclusion of Noctis generally feels like fanservice for fans of Final Fantasy XV and the colosseum challenges are fairly easy with a properly leveled party. However, those who enjoyed the story and gameplay of World of Final Fantasy may find value in this expansion.
Ric CowleyNov 08, 2018
The stacking mechanics add new depth to the familiar battle system, and the art style is rather lovely, if a little childish compared to other entries. But if you're not ready to dive through 14 separate menus after every few fights to level up, or you want a more serious set of characters, you may want to hold on for the re-releases of classic Final Fantasy titles to satisfy your desires.
Oliver RoderickFeb 24, 2019
World of Final Fantasy, while a spin-off, still offers a deep Final Fantasy experience. You need a lot of patience for grinding, however, to follow along with the story.
Drew HurleyJan 21, 2019
Built to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy, this is a fitting commemoration. The story is wonderful, the writing regularly funny, the turn-based combat is a big reason as to why the series is so adored, and the raising and capturing of Mirages is joyous. Even better, the mass of new content makes it so this version is not only the definitive version, but it's definitely worth a second playthrough after completion - and even worth double-dipping for those who picked the original game up.
Sergio MartínNov 12, 2018
Los usuarios de Switch y Xbox One (y PS4 y PC a través del parche de turno) ya pueden disfrutar de uno de los mejores títulos de carácter JRPG de cuantos han aparecido para dichas máquinas. A pesar de su estilo dulce y colorido, esta aventura ofrece diversión de muchos quilates a todo tipo de usuarios, ya sean fans de toda la vida de la saga de Square Enix como neófitos. Un viaje realmente maravilloso a un mundo, Grymoire, que os resultará difícil abandonar una vez os sumerjáis en él.
Mathias OertelNov 15, 2018
Das kann aber eine gewisse Routine nicht verhindern, die sich abseits der Bosse und spezieller Gegner einstellt, wodurch auch der gelegentlich nötige Grind zusätzlich verschärft wird. Dennoch ist World of Final Fantasy Maxima auch auf One und Switch wie vor zwei Jahren auf PS4 ein unterhaltsames Rollenspiel (fast) alter Schule, das einen über 50 Stunden auf Trab hält, visuell allerdings opulenter ausfallen könnte.
Nicolas VerletNov 14, 2018
Entre trou de planning, rendez-vous manqué et portage "facile" sur Switch, revoilà le projet mal-né de TOSE et Square Enix dans une version Maxima, qui joue la carte à la fois du contenu additionnel en téléchargement et de version standalone en guise de session de rattrapage. Mêmes causes, mêmes effets ?
Christian ColliNov 19, 2018
Tenendo conto di tutte le aggiunge relative all'aggiornamento Maxima, la versione Switch di World of Final Fantasy rappresenta probabilmente il modo migliore per godersi lo strampalato spin-off anche in modalità portatile al netto di qualche piccolo downgrade grafico rispetto alle versioni PlayStation 4 e PC.
Francesca SirtoriNov 14, 2018
Sicura gradevolezza dei contenuti, affievolita però da un ritmo rallentato dalle lunghe spiegazioni e talvolta dal sistema di combattimento ATB. Nessuna miglioria tecnica da evidenziare, quasi un "nulla di fatto" rispetto a quanto già visto nel 2016. Il giocatore già avvezzo a questa avventura troverà sì delle migliorie, ma non particolarmente eclatanti. Si amplia la disponibilità su console, un po' meno le novità di cui godere.