Worldend Syndrome for Nintendo Switch

Worldend Syndrome

May 2, 2019
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Developer: Toybox Games
Content Rating: Mature


I wish this world would end... When you move from a big city to your uncle's mansion in a seaside town called “Mihate”, you hope to start a new life. But then you meet five mysterious girls and start to notice strange incidents occurring. Depending on how you spend the summer with your new friends, the world will significantly change...

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Jennifer SheffieldJun 17, 2019
“World End Syndrome” takes the standard visual novel game and adds graphically stunning illustrations to heighten the creepy factor as you unravel the mysteries behind Mihate Town.
Joe DevaderMay 18, 2019
Overall, if you are already a fan of visual novels as a whole, Worldend Syndrome will probably be successful at drawing you in. If you’re not already a fan of the genre, it isn’t likely to change your mind. Between the lengthy prologue and the slightly disappointing shift in gameplay that comes after it, Worldend has a lot of potential for its storytelling that it constantly seems to put just out of reach in order to pad out its length and starve the player of interesting information until the very last second, before repeating the same process over and over again.
Miguel MoranJul 03, 2019
World End Syndome is a visual novel masterpiece. The story is gripping and evocative, blending fun romance and tense murder mystery together incredibly well. The characters are sharp and beautifully illustrated, and the way their personalities and backgrounds developed over the course of the game was equally well-done. Best of all is the smart save system that keeps track of your progress and does a great job of encouraging you to keep coming back for the full story.

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