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Alexander ThomasNov 09, 2018
Windjammers has an undeniable charm with its retro aesthetics, simple gameplay, bright colors, and smart design. It’s lack of content, however, means it will only get attention from players who want to compete against their friends after completing the incredibly short single-player content. A lack of characters, stages, or much else to do is a big setback given the demand of games today, however being a port of the original game from ‘94 awards it a little more leeway in our expectations.
W.B. MasonOct 24, 2018
Windjammers though, is a totally unique, lost gem of a video game, even amongst its Neo Geo brethren. It’s so incredibly simple, like the early days of gaming, but so enthralling that it makes you want to play ‘just one more match’. Anyone playing this game in single player might run out of steam, however — Windjammers is at its best when playing against others.
Bryan RoseOct 25, 2018
At its core, Windjammers is an addictive, colorful, and vibrant experience that is worth investing time and effort in. The online could be better, but this is a great, faithful port of the 1994 original updated to today’s standards. It’s definitely worth a look for both local multiplayer and retro enthusiasts alike.
Gonçalo LopesOct 23, 2018
Despite the passing of the decades the core gameplay still manages to entertain, and the 2D visuals have likewise stood the test of time rather well. The bone of contention remains the single-player side of things; if you're playing alone, you'll get bored relatively quickly. However, with online play and easy-to-configure local multiplayer, there's plenty of scope to embrace the game's true USP: two-player action.
Trevor GouldDec 20, 2018
Calling Windjammers “The most entertaining sports game ever made” is quite a stretch, but this is a very fun game. That said, this Neo Geo port is $14.99 on Nintendo Switch, and if you manage to find any online competition you’ve succeeded where I have not. So bookmark this one, but for a future sale.
Ryan JanesOct 25, 2018
It’s great to see more gamers have the chance to try out the once forgotten arcade gem Windjammers for themselves. The game strikes that perfect balance of simplicity and depth featuring action so fast-paced and on the edge of your seat, you’ll have a tough time putting the controller down. Best of all though, it manages to make playing with a Frisbee look cool, and any game that can accomplish that is okay in my book.
Ethan HuntNov 09, 2018
Windjammers holds up. The controls are simple, tight and satisfying, the retro chic aesthetic is somehow cool again, and the addition of competitive online play (when you can find a match) is a brilliant way of making the game relevant in the modern day. There might not be a ton of content under the hood, but with Windjammers 2 on the way it’s a great way to dust off the spandex and educate yourself on a somewhat forgotten classic NeoGeo title.
TSA StaffOct 24, 2018
We often forget the fun that can be had when you sit down with your friends and battle it out over a few games. Windjammers serves as a reminder you don’t have to make games with super flashy graphics or complex gameplay in order to stand out and be fun. At its core, Windjammers is a very basic game, but that’s likely part of why it has captured a cult following over the past 20 years.
Cameron BaldOct 29, 2018
In all honestly, though, these gripes hardly matter when you take into account the quality of the core game. From the music to the punchy effects work; the differing feel of each character to the rapid-fire pacing of every match, Windjammers gets it all right. It's a prime example of a simple concept executed with precision, a sense of giddy delight, and an expert understanding of competitive play - it's just brilliant.
Renan FontesAug 13, 2019
Fast, frantic, and far more addictive than it initially lets on, Windjammers is a wild reimagining of Pong, with a well-rounded competitive edge. While there isn't too much depth in terms of what players can pull off, the core mechanics make each round a thrill, emphasizing fast paced action above all else. As expected, the online scene is far from thriving, but playing locally or just with CPUs more than gets the job done. Windjammers is a welcome reminder of how chaotic the arcade scene was in the early '90s.
Andrew RockettOct 23, 2018
As one of the better head-to-head titles on Switch, it is perfect for some quick rounds when you and a friend have a few minutes to spare. It’s also deep enough for longer, more intense sessions. Windjammers is a surprisingly simple yet deliciously fun game, and if it’s multiplayer you’re looking for, this title belongs in your collection.
Salva FernándezOct 31, 2018
Es seguramente uno de los juegos versus más adictivos que recordamos, y eso se mantiene en este buen port para Switch que, como en la versión de consolas para Sony, llega algo conservador en modalidades pero con una ejecución solvente. El factor nostalgia lo hace imprescindible para quienes ya lo conocieran. Pero sin ella, estamos ante una propuesta que encaja perfectamente en la consola de Nintendo y que proporciona piques y horas de duelos intensos por delante.