VVVVVV for Nintendo Switch


Nov 17, 2017
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Developer: Nicalis
Content Rating: Everyone


It’s the game that'll have you walking on the ceiling and looking up at the floor! VVVVVV is a challenging 2D action/platformer with one deceptively simple gameplay mechanic: Without the ability to jump, Captain Viridian must rely on inverting gravity to advance through hundreds of rooms and solve the puzzles he encounters therein. This love letter to the days of 8-bit home computer games features amazing retro gameplay, a genuinely classic visual aesthetic and an earworm chiptune soundtrack created by Swedish musician Magnus Palsson.

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Alex SeedhouseFeb 09, 2018
With hundreds of rooms to invert gravity in and a freely open-world environment in which to search for your crew members, even failure and repeat deaths never detract from just how enjoyable VVVVVV is to play. Whether that’s thanks to the smile that’s (nearly) permanently etched on Captain Viridian’s face, the minimalistic but effective 8-bit graphics, or the magnificent chiptune soundtrack that has been penned by Swedish composer Magnus Pålsson, the game is just as brilliant now as it was eight years ago.
Neal RonaghanNov 15, 2017
VVVVVV is a fantastic game, and it’s at its console best on Switch. The main mode, while short in length and quite challenging, is excellent and the bonus levels and options add more to the package.
Steve BowlingNov 22, 2017
VVVVVV feels every bit as fresh on the Switch in 2017 as it did on the 3DS in 2010; if you didn't try it back then you should definitely pick it up now. If you did, now may nevertheless be a good time to revisit. Mutliplayer makes the Switch version even more interesting, and this is a game that still serves up an intense and enjoyable challenge. VVVVVV is a fantastic value and a great addition to the Switch library.

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