Vambrace: Cold Soul for Nintendo Switch

Vambrace: Cold Soul

Aug 29, 2019
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Content Rating: Teen


Vambrace: Cold Soul is a roguelike fantasy-adventure set amidst a frozen landscape. Plan your expeditions underground, then journey to the cursed city surface with your team of heroes. Wield unique powers, avoid dangerous traps, brave strange encounters, and survive deadly combat!

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Kirk HinerSep 12, 2019
I liked Vambrace: Cold Soul, but it’s certainly not for everyone. It requires more patience than many gamers can afford, and that’s even among those who are already into roguelikes. If you can settle into its groove, however (and won’t lose it when you’re sucker-punched right out of that groove), there’s some good, challenging fun to be had here.
Jordan RudekAug 28, 2019
After struggling with the early segments of Vambrace: Cold Soul, I eventually found a successful set of party members and a viable strategy for arriving at and conquering each area boss, which bolstered my resolve to see the game through. Once it clicks, Vambrace becomes a fun and brisk experience that trades in the desolation and grind of Darkest Dungeon for a more compact and less replayable adventure. There are costumes to earn from sidequests and achievements to earn that unlock in-game art, but there’s no new game plus to expedite the process.
AthanasiosAug 28, 2019
This is, for the most part, a disappointment. By no means a terrible game, Vambrace: Cold Soul plays it a bit too safe with its concepts, as most of them are straight up copied from better tactical rogue-likes and RPGs, and especially Darkest Dungeon. Gorgeous character design can only get you so far...

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