Valkyria Chronicles

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Mitch VogelOct 23, 2018
As a ten-year-old game, Valkyria Chronicles still holds up impressively well; this is some of the best strategy action that gaming has to offer and having it available on the go is an enormous plus. Although there are some minor balancing and performance issues, Valkyria Chronicles offers up an emotionally-gripping, beautiful and fun strategy experience that offers a considerable amount of value for the price of admission.
Chao Min WuOct 19, 2018
Valkyria Chronicles is definitely one of my favorite SRPGs of all time, and seeing another new port of the original is a pleasant surprise. However, with the performance issues in the Switch version, you might consider grabbing one of the other existing ports instead. The Switch Port isn't the cheapest solution to enjoying the original Valkyria Chronicles right now, but since it is for Switch, it is pretty much the definitive way to experience the game on a handheld.
Ryan JanesNov 23, 2018
Whether you’re fresh to the series or already experienced Valkyria Chronicles 4 on Switch earlier this year, it’s still worth checking out the original. What it might lack in visual polish it more than makes up for with a rich story, affable characters and satisfying and strategic gameplay. Here’s hoping we see the second and third game make the leap to Switch too.
Donald TheriaultOct 23, 2018
Since Into the Breach hit at the end of August, there has been a barrage of quality strategy games on the Switch, so it can be tempting to skip Valkyria Chronicles. But don’t do it. It’s a brisk game, and there are some things like the graveyard for fallen troops that I wish were carried into future titles. War may be hell, but Valkyria Chronicles is a little slice of heaven.
Benjamin SchmädigOct 23, 2018
Auch wird die Geschichte weniger als in Teil vier, aber dennoch mit viel Kitsch und Pathos erzählt. Dafür erhalten Switch-Spieler immerhin die inhaltlich vollständige Version dieses großartigen Abenteuers. Wer Valkyria Chronicles noch nicht kennt oder wen es nach Ende des vierten Teils nach mehr Rundentaktik mit ein wenig Echtzeit dürstet, der liegt jedenfalls auch mit dieser Neufassung des Originals goldrichtig!