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William QuantFeb 01, 2019
All in all, Unruly Heroes is a super fun take on an old story that is full of charm, breathtaking art, and more challenges than you can shake a bo staff at. It’s certainly not going to make anybody forget other Journey to the West adaptations (except maybe The New Legends of Monkey), but it has so much going for it that it makes this version of the story all its own. The Monkey King and his friends live on.
Mitch VogelFeb 01, 2019
The ever-expanding Switch eShop has no shortage of excellent platformers under its belt, and while Unruly Heroes may not be the absolute best of the best, this is still one of the finest platformers we’ve played in a long time. Stunningly beautiful art direction coupled with diverse level design and well-paced gameplay makes this one an easy recommendation for both longtime platformer fans and for new players looking for an easier game to get into. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but Unruly Heroes hits all the notes that it needs to, and it’s more than deserving of a spot in your games library.
Matt KeithFeb 01, 2019
Unruly Heroes is a truly engaging platforming Action title. It hits all the highs of the genre and manages to avoid many of the pitfalls typical of the genre. From solid combat to unique design and mechanics, it's a title that offers an engaging experience for both veterans and novice players. If you're looking for a new platformer to pick up Unruly Heroes is one worth considering.
Kyle LeClairMar 01, 2019
Unruly Heroes is a superb action game destined to go down as one of this year’s sleeper hits. Mind you, in a just world, it would be more than a sleeper. But high profile or not, this is still one expertly-crafted burst of action that surprisingly comes in many flavors. Between the absolutely gorgeous artwork, fun combat and platforming, varied gameplay, and an immense amount of charm that creates an amazing take on a classic legend, this is a title you shouldn’t miss.
Seth CanoJun 04, 2019
Unruly Heroes is far from a bad game. In fact, it has some of my favorite platforming of recent memory, at least in terms of pure gameplay. It just lacks the polish needed for platformer completionists like me, and it’s uncompelling story and music did not help. At least the developers are supporting it with content, despite it being months after its launch. If you are looking for an affordable platformer, this game is a must, but don’t expect to be putting in the same hours as Yoshi’s Crafted World.
Ryan JanesJan 30, 2019
Unruly Heroes is a wonderfully enthralling adventure thanks to its striking visuals, impressive variety and clever mix of platforming, puzzles, and combat. What might at first seem like a fairly ordinary platformer reveals itself to be much more not only helping it stand out from an already crowded genre on Switch but surprise players in a great way.
Dave AubreyJun 03, 2019
So, is Unruly Heroes worth a purchase? Absolutely. It's fun in singleplayer, and even better when you have friends to pick up the pad. Oh, it even has online competitive play.
Ben LyonsJun 01, 2019
Overall, Unruly Heroes is a unique platforming experience which has tight mechanics and a combat system to set it apart from the rest. The issues which had us conflicted come in relation to the difficulty spikes, which sucked the enjoyment out of the game entirely and replaced it with fiery rage. Still, platformer fans will undoubtedly wallow in this game, even if less versed players may struggle to do so.
Evan NorrisFeb 06, 2019
Unruly Heroes earns an easy recommendation for platforming and action-adventure fans, some frustrating or tedious segments notwithstanding. Each level is an individual playground, with its own rules, tools, and mechanics. Puzzles are imaginative, platforming is wild and unpredictable, and each of the four main characters plays and moves differently, resulting in some satisfying swapping in the thick of things. Topping it all off is some of the most sumptuous art work you'll see all year.
Chris Hyde Jun 06, 2019
Overall, Unruly Heroes stays true to its name. Strong level design, platforming, and puzzles are all present, and it’s glorious to look at to boot. But the controls can be a bit, well, unruly, at times which is frustrating given the focus on your performance in each level. It still comes with a glowing recommendation though because when it works – which it does the majority of the time – you’re in for a well-designed and beautifully-executed treat of a game.
Jason ColesJan 31, 2019
Unruly Heroes is a solid game, a good game, a fun game, it just isn’t a brilliant game. All of the components are fun, the visual style is lovely, the characters are easy to use and the puzzles don’t make you want to throw your Switch at the cat. Those are all good qualities, but it just lacks that little bit extra that would turn it into a great game, a must-play. You aren’t going to walk away with a new appreciation of life or Journey to the West, just a feeling of “Yeah, that was a laugh.”
Alex HardingFeb 08, 2019
Unruly Heroes is a well-crafted platformer that beautifully captures the eastern influences that it is based around. Despite being a little rough around the edges at times, the game is well executed and is definitely a game for anyone who loves a good action-platformer.
Gustavo MaesoJan 29, 2019
Este Unruly Heroes es una muy agradable sorpresa. Si te gustan los títulos en 2D que mezclan platafomas y acción a partes iguales, vas a disfrutar mucho con este título. Muchos lo describen como una mezcla perfectas entre Rayman Legends y Trine, y no les falta razón. Tiene un poco de ambos pero también brilla con sus propias ideas. Es bonito, es largo y supone un auténtico reto en muchos momentos.
Jorge CanoJan 27, 2019
Si os gustan las aventuras en 2D que mezclan a partes iguales plataformas, puzles y combates, que son disfrutables tanto en solitario como en compañía de unos amigos, y que además os regalan la vista con unos gráficos muy bonitos, Unruly Heroes es más que recomendable, un genial debut para Magic Design Studios.
Cristian CiuranetaJan 31, 2019
Unruly Heroes sorprende tanto por su exitosa fórmula como por haber aparecido casi de la nada para ofrecernos uno de los plataformas más cuidados en lo visual y divertidos a los mandos de los últimos meses. Si bien presenta aspectos a pulir ‒especialmente en sus físicas y la falta de precisión en ciertos momentos‒, no podemos dejar de recomendar una aventura 2D al más puro estilo clásico de varios de los responsables de los dos últimos y maravillosos Rayman.
Michaël GuarnéJan 28, 2019
Annoncé lors du récent Indie Highlights de Nintendo, le jeu des Montpelliérains de Magic Design Studios est disponible sur Switch, Xbox One et PC, la version PS4 devant débarquer ultérieurement. Si vous avez cru à un nouveau Rayman au gré d’images ou de vidéos, c’est parfaitement normal, puisque plusieurs artistes de l’équipe sont effectivement passés par Ubisoft.
Julien InvernoJan 31, 2019
Unruly Heroes emprunte à Rayman, Trine, Guacamelee, mais plutôt qu'une somme de références qui le viderait de sa substance, les idées de ces titres qu'il fait siennes sont magnifiées grâce à un sens du rythme maîtrisé, un renouvellement de propositions de jeu constant, une direction artistique sublime et une aventure pleine d'humour. Comme sur petit un nuage. Magique.
uniMar 14, 2019
Unruly Heroes je úžasná hra, ale len pre najodolnejších hráčov, ktorých nezlomia veľmi náročné úseky, ktoré ešte viac komplikuje nepraktické ovládanie. Mohla to byť jedna z najlepších skákačiek a plošinoviek na trhu, len keby bola lepšie vybalansovaná a viac prívetivá. Úroveň zábavy je veľmi vysoká, ale frustrujúce pasáže jej zbytočne ubližujú a pripravujú hru o fanúšikov. No ak vás lákajú práve extrémne výzvy, najmä v pokročilej fáze príbehu si prídete na svoje.