Ultra Space Battle Brawl for Nintendo Switch

Ultra Space Battle Brawl

Jul 5, 2018
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Developer: Mojiken Studio
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Fight against your friends in a super-silly-yet-most-awesome-intergalactic-definitely-not-baseball-fight-ever! Sit next to your opponent in this couch party battle game that will make your neighbor wish you were not there, or they were there with you making noise and have a really great time together. Cheers, screams, and overreactions filled room is something that can be easily associated with Ultra Space Battle Brawl, a couch party game that combines Pong, fighting game, and the spirit of having fun together in an 80s over-the-top aesthetic infused with steroid. Play it with your best buddies, rival, family, even your arch enemies! Ultra Space Battle Brawl is a fun competitive game for everyone to enjoy.

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Darren PalmaJul 30, 2018
Ultra Space Battle Brawl is a great quick fix multiplayer game to pull out amongst a gathering of friends and alcohol. It may not offer depth in either gameplay or features, but that raw competitive nerve will undoubtedly stand in the end whenever there is a score to settle. With 2 vs 2 options (or even 2 vs 1 for the less modest gamer), there are plenty of reasons here to bang balls around in space together.
Jaime CarrilloAug 17, 2018
Ultra Space Battle Brawl is exactly what it says it is: an intergalactic Pong game on steroids. Hell, throw in a little Street Fighter II there for good measure. There’s an incredibly charming neon polish in every corner of this title, and the tense sports action is satisfying to say the least. If you’re looking for this generation’s Wind Jammers, Ultra Space Battle Brawl can’t be missed.
Matthew OlivoAug 25, 2018
None were game breaking or really affected gameplay other than causing some lag, but nevertheless, even if the glitches aren’t harmful, they do stand out. All in all, I feel that while Ultra Space Battle Brawl may seem strange and absurd at first, it is an enjoyable experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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