Ultimate Chicken Horse

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Neal RonaghanSep 26, 2018
The style of Ultimate Chicken Horse is great and when it all comes together, it is a special brand of silly party gaming. Unfortunately, unless you find that perfect situation, the quality of the fun can vary wildly. So much of the amusement here is dependent on having the right people to play with. Find that setup and this is a madcap party game.
Ryan JanesSep 26, 2018
Ultimate Chicken Horse effortlessly combines level creation, solid platforming and brilliant multiplayer all into one fantastic package. It’s a game that continues to surprise and amuse in huge measures and if we do end up seeing a Super Mario Maker sequel in the future then Nintendo would be wise to take to note of what Clever Endeavour Games has accomplished here.
Chris CompendioSep 30, 2018
The fun of Ultimate Chicken Horse may be limited without others to play with, and its simple art design left a lot to be desired, but at $14.99, these are not good enough excuses to miss out on it. Single-player level creation games are intimidating and not for everyone, but with this particular multiplayer spin on it, you may find yourself to be more creative and thoughtful than you thought you were.
Andrew RockettSep 25, 2018
Ultimate Chicken Horse is very easily one of the best party games on Switch. It has a unique blend of creativity and platforming, it is widely accessible with intuitive, fluid controls, and it has loads of content and potential. There was one issue with the port job: Within a few hours of play, I had the game crash on me twice. However, outside of those rare instances, this is one of the most fun experiences on my Switch.