Turok 2: Seeds of Evil for Nintendo Switch

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Aug 9, 2019
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Content Rating: Teen


Having defeated the Campaigner, Turok throws the Chronocepter into a waiting volcano to destroy it. Unfortunately the blast awakens an even deadlier force - The Primagen. Once again a Turok is tasked with restoring peace to the land and stopping the Primagen from merging Earth with the nether world.

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Trevor GouldAug 20, 2019
While there are absolutely zero excuses for the missing multiplayer, I suspect Turok 2 might still draw a bit of a nostalgic audience on Nintendo Switch. Having a smoother, fogless experience (no $30 Expansion Pak needed) with modern touches like gyroscopic controls and a wealth of player options does help. But this game is uneven and dated, and it shows. Add in the cut multiplayer – I can’t stress that enough – and it makes Turok 2 just a so-so release on the Nintendo Switch.
Jamie WardSep 15, 2019
Most of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil’s problems simply lie with the passage of time. If you are willing to overlook some of those issues, such as the outdated visuals and level design, what you will find is a fun and thrilling trip down memory lane to one of the Nintendo 64’s best first-person shooters. The lack of multiplayer, while not essential, hurts the overall package.
Zachary MillerAug 12, 2019
Is Turok 2 better than Dinosaur Hunter? I don’t know if I’d call it better, but it’s certainly different. Personally, I prefer the original game but I appreciate how different this sequel is, even if I’m not a huge fan of every single point of divergence. Certainly, the level design leaves something to be desired, and while Turok wields a healthy armament by game’s end, there’s a cruel practicality to virtually every weapon.

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