Troll and I for Nintendo Switch

Troll and I

Aug 15, 2017

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Developer: Spiral House
Content Rating: Teen


Troll and I is a third-person action adventure game with melee and long-ranged combat, cunning stealth, and dual character control. You play both as an adolescent boy named Otto and as his unlikely companion, Troll. Both characters possess their own unique abilities – such as Troll’s mighty strength and Otto’s sharpened combat skills.

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Alex SeedhouseAug 20, 2017
Rough around the edges, Troll and I ends with as laughable a moment as it starts – even having the cruelty to leave your adventures in the Nordic wilderness open to a sequel. Spiral House has longed for the stars to align to allow them a chance to work on a game built from their own ideas. Let us hope that this nightmare has now ended, and they can find something far better to dream about.
Trevor GouldSep 08, 2017
I would actually like to revisit this game someday, after it’s further patched to minimize frustrations. Hopefully, all the negative feedback Troll and I has received can be taken constructively and lead to improvements.
Matthew MasonAug 21, 2017
For every intriguing idea that Troll and I presents, there are a couple of design choices or technical issues that will aggravate players. It’s ugly, clunky and bereft of certain amenities that players take for granted in this day and age. With so many games out to garner people’s attention, Troll and I isn’t as user friendly or quickly appealing as it needs to be in a flooded space.

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