Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for Nintendo Switch

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Jan 18, 2019
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Content Rating: Mature


The legendary gaming console—the Death Drive Mark 2... Travis Touchdown wanders into the game world and embarks on a rampage of epic proportions. Inside, there’s an action game, racing, puzzles... A total of seven different game titles!

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Ben MooreJan 16, 2019
Chris CarterJan 16, 2019
Travis Strikes Again has some undeniable lows but the No More Heroes charm and the prospect of co-op lifts it up. Whether it's learning the intricacies of individual types of ramen or watching Travis curse at a talking cat, this is something that could only be born out of the mind of Suda 51 and his team at Grasshopper.
Anthony John AgnelloJan 16, 2019
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes doesn’t invite you in. If you’re unfamiliar with the huge swatch of game history, Grasshopper’s catalog, or even games industry business gossip referenced within, this will come off as a less entertaining surrealist action game overshadowed by Suda51’s old work like Killer7 or even No More Heroes. Anyone that can actually speak the language of this game will be richly rewarded by the promise that there may, in fact, still be heroes out there.

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