Torchlight II

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Brad LangSep 09, 2019
A great port of a fantastic game, Torchlight 2 still holds up as a great example of an ARPG dungeon-crawler that is unfortunately plagued by some annoying bugs and control scheme limitations .
James PaleySep 03, 2019
At its heart, this game asks a lot of you. For some people (like me!), the toll is freely paid. For others, the boon of hours and tough calls will be too steep to part with. At least, I can confirm that your fond memories of grinding for loot and facing off against the hordes are wholly intact. Torchlight 2 is easily as good as you remember. I lost hours and days to this game with a blink. Whether you’re looking for a new ARPG, or just a little more time with an old favorite, Torchlight 2 won’t let you down.
Mitch VogelSep 05, 2019
Torchlight II proves to be a wonderfully well-polished ARPG that’s sure to provide dozens of hours of fun, all at an incredibly low price point when you consider what’s all being offered. Rewarding, loot-heavy gameplay, an expressive art style, and oodles of replayability come together to make for an impressively charming and addictive experience, even if it’s let down by the occasional technical hiccup or glitch. We’d give Torchlight II a strong recommendation to anybody who’s interested in seeing what the ARPG genre is about.
Mark SteighnerSep 10, 2019
In the seven years since Torchlight II was released, dungeon crawlers have both evolved into a more complex genre and toyed with mechanics pulled from outside them, such as roguelikes. However, complicated doesn’t always mean better and it’s hard to deny Torchlight II’s addictive and immediately accessible gameplay and overall, it seems like a natural fit for the Nintendo Switch.
Thomas MedinaSep 08, 2019
I love this game. As someone who considers Diablo II one of the greatest games of all time, I was bewitched with Runic Game’s proof that sometimes lightning can strike twice. Even this port, with all of its flaws, still manages to channel that same magic and I enjoyed my time with it. However, it’s undeniably a mess. Not an unfixable one, mind you, some dedicated patch work could easily turn this around and make it the game it deserves to be.
diegoarguelloSep 09, 2019
I love Torchlight 2, and I can't wait to continue playing it on the go. But this port is also a reminder that Torchlight Frontiers is the next big thing in the series, and these versions are none other than a breeze of nostalgia looking for a place to settle in modern consoles, rather than a new beginning.
Cody MedellinDec 09, 2019
If you can brush aside the lack of single console multiplayer, Torchlight II remains an addictive action-RPG experience. The combat system isn't needlessly complicated, but it remains engaging due to the ease with which you can access each of your powers and the depth of the skill trees for each class. The loot is plentiful, and the ability to sell or use everything almost immediately means that you aren't going to pass up loot like you would in other titles.
Eric ChrismanSep 03, 2019
Torchlight II offers the same dungeon hacking, loot-acquiring thrills of a big-budget Diablo at a fraction of the price without a paralyzing amount of content. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys this style of game. It’s a great fit for the Switch’s portability.
Neal RonaghanSep 08, 2019
I wish I had more to say about Torchlight II, because it is a solid dungeon-crawling RPG that features a quality Switch port with some flexible and smart functionality and UI tweaks for the console in both docked and handheld forms. It just doesn’t go above and beyond, feeling more generic overall. This is a Diablo-like game that feels a whole lot like Diablo, but doesn’t carve out enough of an identity on its own to leave a lasting impression.
Matt KeithSep 03, 2019
Overall the Nintendo Switch version of Torchlight II is excellent. With full multiplayer support, both local and online, unique pets based on your console of choice and so many quality of life updates geared towards console players, Torchlight II is an ARPG worth picking up. If your a console player who loves ARPG’s or are interested in ARPG’s or you just love Torchlight II, I suggest taking a look at one of the best ARPG’s on the market.
Rachael FiddisSep 04, 2019
What remains is a fantastically designed hack-n-slash RPG that kept me enthralled for hours on end. It fits right at home on the Nintendo Switch with its colorful, exciting, and inviting world that made it a pleasure to explore, but it was let down by its lack of local co-op features which really is a crying shame for a game of this kind.
Mick FraserSep 03, 2019
Ultimately though, this is a highly accomplished port of a great game. The Switch version feels right at home on the handheld, and the compulsion to rid the map of fog or find complete that rare gear set is as powerful as in any game of its type. Torchlight II is a superb addition to your gaming catalogue and an absolute blast alone or with friends.
Jacob JamesSep 03, 2019
Torchlight II should have come to consoles long ago. A leader in the genre, its non-stop action loop hits all the right notes. While the story doesn’t make an impact, everything else is so incredibly well done that you're unlikely to even mind. Being able to cast Blazing Pillars and Firestorm from the comfort of my bed with the Switch is worth the price of admission alone at $19.99. With Torchlight Frontiers coming soon, now is the right time to play Torchlight II again, or experience it for the first time on the go.
GameCentralSep 06, 2019
Torchlight II is still a great game but it’s one that’s been dragged out of its original timeframe and unfairly made to compete with modern games and seven years of Diablo III updates. Although the saddest thing is simply that we’ll probably never see a sequel, now that Runic Games are no more. But perhaps this belated port means someone else will take up the mantle, maybe even in time to be a rival to Diablo IV.
Zubi KhanSep 03, 2019
Overall, Torchlight II on the Switch is an excellent addition to its library of fun, multiplayer-oriented games for both new fans and those wanting to return to the world of Vilderan after an extended absence.
David ArroyoSep 03, 2019
Hay juegos por los que no pasan los años. Y si pasan, es solo para realzar su valor. Es el caso de Torchlight II, que siete años después de lanzamiento original sigue vigente como uno de los mejores dungeon crawler de la última década. Su llegada a consolas se produce sin grandes novedades (ni cooperativo local, ni crossplay) y sin demasiadas carencias (a excepción de los mods). Parece sencillo, pero no lo era.
Sergio MartínSep 04, 2019
Nos hubiera gustado haber podido disfrutar de esta gran aventura en consolas hace ya un tiempo, pero dejando esto de lado, seguimos estando ante un juego de estilo similar al plasmado en la serie Diablo que entusiasmará a cualquier fan del género por muy exigente que sea. Una aventura cargada de adversarios, secretos, misiones y personajes de fantasía que puede ser disfrutada tanto en solitario como en compañía de otros usuarios en modo cooperativo.
Luis López ZamoranoSep 03, 2019
Sigue siendo tan divertido como lo era hace siete años y sus creadores han sabido sacar partido de las bondades de las nuevas plataformas. Sin duda, uno de los mejores action RPG que se puede disfrutar en las consolas de sobremesa actuales.
Marcel KleffmannSep 04, 2019
Die temporeiche Beutejagd profitiert von der direkten Steuerung der Charaktere. Abgesehen vom nagenden Zahn der Zeit fehlt ein lokaler Koop-Modus. Die Switch-Version kämpft zudem manchmal mit der Bildrate.
Jonathan BushleSep 13, 2019
Pour (re)découvrir le jeu, vous pourrez faire appel à vos amis en ligne, et uniquement en ligne ou en réseau local. La coopération locale sur canapé avec une seule machine n'est pas de la partie, et on le regrette vraiment, notamment sur Switch ou le mode sur table en coopération aurait pu faire des ravages, comme Diablo III avait pu le faire en son temps... Un vrai mauvais point. Malgré tout, si vous êtes fans du genre, Torchlight 2 version 2019 reste un bon défouloir, notamment en mode portable ou il pourrait peut-être même devenir une vraie drogue dure.
Pedro MesquitaNov 04, 2019
Torchlight II continua a ser um bom jogo que vai certamente agradar aos adeptos de RPGs de acção. Nota de destaque para o trabalho de conversão, sem nada de negativo a apontar nesse aspecto.