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William GallonAug 29, 2017
Overall, Tiny Metal is a very promising, and likely the best, attempt at replicating the successful Advance Wars formula that fans have been looking for. Although multiplayer has yet to be added to the game, and there are some minor performance issues, each of these can be taken care of with a few patches. This puts the game in a position to be great after a bit more work has been done to it, or to make an easily improved sequel.
Damien McFerranDec 21, 2017
Tiny Metal has the core mechanics nailed down brilliantly, even if it has cribbed much of its structure from the famous Advance Wars franchise. Upon this handsome foundation Area35 has crafted a tactical wargame which is every bit as compelling, addictive and challenging as its inspiration, while adding in a storyline of surprising drama and complexity.
Darren NakamuraDec 29, 2017
No, Tiny Metal is no substitute for Advance Wars. It does a lot of cool things, and it absolutely satisfies the same craving. But as much as I loved it at times, I hated it at others. It allows for pure turn-based strategy bliss, but there's a lot of garbage to sift through in order to get to it.
Justin ClarkDec 29, 2017
Newcomers to the turn-based strategy genre are likely to have a blast with Tiny Metal all the way through its campaign, though the endgame is no doubt a little restrictive. Old hands to this type of strategy game will find a campaign that wears its influences on its sleeve, but still admirably and respectfully fits right in with them. It’s the kind of game where you jump in just to take two or three more turns and suddenly an hour has passed, and you can’t rest until that pesky enemy gunship or tank fleet is down for good.
Alex CulafiDec 30, 2017
Overall, it’s a game that feels explicitly made for fans of a very specific series in a very specific genre. If you don’t like Advance Wars, you almost certainly won’t like this. If you like Advance Wars and come into Tiny Metal with slightly measured expectations, you will find a good strategy RPG that borrows unashamedly yet reverently.
Markus HirsiläJan 13, 2018
You can't destroy structures that are distributed around the map. You may, on the other hand, cripple your enemy's war effort by simply parking a unit on top of an important building without even capturing it. For example, parking your own tank on top of enemy's key structure makes it impossible for him to build new land units.
GameCentralJan 16, 2018
Attractive art style, simple and accessible controls, and plenty of single-player content. A few useful wrinkles to the formula and great potential for the future. There’s no multiplayer at launch. Artificial intelligence can sometimes make some very illogical moves. Story cut scenes are overlong and take themselves too seriously.
Reece ArmstrongMar 13, 2018
Right now, Tiny Metal feels slightly undercooked. It has the strong foundations of a game that could be great, but is let down at almost every turn. The weak campaign wouldn't be too much of an issue if there was a multiplayer mode, but as it stands, players might find the lacking feature a bit of a game-breaker. Skirmishes might keep you around for a bit longer and Tiny Metal does feature a lot of replayability. As it stands though players will be wanting that added bit extra which Tiny Metal is currently missing.
Alex CalvinMar 06, 2018
Overall though, Tiny Metal brings the best of Intelligent Systems classic Advance War franchise to the table for a new generation, as well as lugging along some of its own ideas. It's a tough and satisfying cookie, and one that will only get better when Area35 brings out its multiplayer component out.
Paul MurphyDec 29, 2017
A lack of multiplayer at release detracts from how brilliant (and essential) Tiny Metal could have been, but it’s the next best thing to Advance Wars that’s currently available on the Nintendo Switch. Fans of that and/or turn-based strategy games will find something worthwhile here, despite that not so tiny price.
Dominic LeightonJan 03, 2018
Tiny Metal is a great attempt at reviving the Advance Wars style of approachable military strategy for modern audiences, but while it certainly looks and behaves the part, the poorly balanced campaign and uninspired narrative only serve to emphasise just how special those classic games were.
Ramón VarelaJan 13, 2018
Tiny Metal no te hará olvidar Advance Wars ni otros juegos de estrategia bélica, y no presenta nada rompedor, pero precisamente eso hace que sea un juego que apuesta sobre seguro. Sin arriesgar demasiado, entretiene, e incluso es una buena opción para entrar en el género –carece de la multitud de variables a tener en cuenta de otras propuestas mucho más elaboradas-.
Tiny Metal lo intenta pero no llega a las cotas de calidad del juego al que pretendía suceder. En la guerra no todo es vencer al rival a base de copiar, si no intentar nuevas estrategias. No obstante, el título de Area 35 es un buen juego de estrategia tanto por sus mecánicas jugables como por la duración y profundidad de sus batallas.
MotormikeJan 08, 2018
Les animations soignées, l’univers rigolo, les bonnes idées de gameplay : quasiment tout ce qui fait le charme d’Advance Wars ne se retrouve pas dans Tiny Metal. Fort dommage pour un jeu censé lui rendre hommage. Narration lourde au possible, missions répétitives à souhait, gameplay mou, animation sèche et rendu 3D sans âme : le jeu d’AREA35 n’a pas grand-chose pour lui si ce n’est une prise en main rapide et le fait d’occuper le terrain du tactical au tour par tour, tout simplement.
ClementossJan 14, 2018
Vous voulez un tactical facile à prendre en main mettant en scène des généraux extravagants qui se font la guerre à coup de missiles et de gros blindés ? Tiny Metal vous le sert sans trop se casser la tête en s'emparant d'une formule ayant déjà fait ses preuves. Le plaisir de retrouver un titre dans la veine d'un Advance Wars ne suffit toutefois pas à faire de l'ombre à ses trop nombreux défauts.
Thomas PillonJan 02, 2018
Que reste-t-il lorsque se taisent enfin les fusils, et que vient le temps de compter les cadavres ? Avec sa farandole de bonnes idées quasi-systématiquement contre-balancées par autant de défauts qui témoignent d'une sortie quelque peu précipitée, Tiny Metal avait largement de quoi séduire les bonapartistes de salon. Mais à trop hésiter entre l'assaut et la retraite, le premier jeu d'Area 35 donne l'impression de ne pas toujours savoir où il va.