Time Recoil for Nintendo Switch

Time Recoil

Oct 26, 2017
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Developer: 10Tons Ltd.
Content Rating: Mature


Time Recoil is a top-down shooter where you kill to slow time, experience amazing slow motion gunfights, and trigger spectacular special moves. Your mission is to save the world from Mr. Time, a time manipulating mad scientist turned evil dictator. Shoot, dodge, and dash through his evil empire guns blazing and unleash your super powers!

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David LloydNov 07, 2017
Time Recoil is the perfect follow up for anyone that enjoyed Neon Chrome. It takes the structure that made Neon so great, but replaces the RPG and roguelike elements with the time mechanics, creating a whole new experience. Time Recoil is my third experience with this line of games from 10Tons and although I do still enjoy Neon Chrome more, this one comes in at a close second.
Jeremy PeeplesOct 28, 2017
Time Recoil is an outstanding top-down strategy game that gives off the appearance of a top-down shooter. It has finely-tuned melee and gun-based combat that rewards fast reflexes. It’s tough and challenging, but can be conquered with patience, skill and learning the core mechanics on a deeper level.
Darren PalmaDec 02, 2017
Time Recoil is a fun game that feels rewarding in triumph and moreish in failure. Sure, the graphics are rubbish and the plot seems written by an eight-year-old after a newfound discovery of 80s action films, but there is a fun and rather stylish shooter contained underneath its overall cheap presentation. There’s also an addictively difficult time attack mode to fine tune your rampage for those that want to truly feel like a badass.

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