The Way Remastered

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Xander MorningstarApr 27, 2018
After roughly two hours, a second chase sequence with a large yellow animal begins, and the player has two minutes and 30 seconds to complete the boss fight, or the game will crash and delete the entire save. This happened to me, and was frustrating, and it took me about an hour to return to where I was, having known how to solve the previous puzzles. SONKA has also put out a walkthrough online, detailing bypassing the glitch.
Dan LipscombeMay 09, 2018
The Way Remastered, sadly features a couple of bugs of the coding variety, which have been leaving players with lost save points, most of which are game breaking. The bug is known to the developers and a fix should already be in the veins of the internet, if not already in the game. I was alerted to this issue – Reddit notes a patch has fixed some, but not all issues and therefore I can only end my review here, before I lose my save file and then, my mind.
Gavin LaneApr 18, 2018
The Switch version is the pick for newcomers, though it’s hard to recommend if you’ve already played on another platform. Provided you’re comfortable with its slow, cerebral pace and can overlook the stiff remnants of its influences, there is much to enjoy here. However, if you’re after a retro-inspired platformer with all the mod-cons, the competition is fierce on the eShop.
Albert LichiApr 18, 2018
The Way Remastered is another janky indie game with faux-retro pixel art that misses the point of pixel art. It looks and plays like it was made by amateurs or possibly by some cynical designers who ticked all their checkboxes on what generic indie games are. This is not the worst indie game made - far from it - but it is so bland and plain... so middle of the road and inoffensive, that it is devoid of soul.
Oliver RoderickOct 16, 2018
The Way Remastered isn’t an experience you’re going to forget in a while, but it would be markedly improved with more accurate controls. As such, it’s more irritating than it is inspiring in its current form.