The Silver Case 2425 for Nintendo Switch

The Silver Case 2425

Jul 6, 2021
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Descend into a dystopian world from the mind of SUDA51! The 24 wards of Kanto make up a seemingly idyllic city, although sinister secrets hide below its surface. Uncover the mystery behind a slew of brutal murders as a member of the wards’ Heinous Crimes Unit in The Silver Case. Return to the city of Kanto in The 25th Ward: The Silver Case with a new government project behind the city’s utopian 25th ward. When multiple supposed suicides in the Bayside Tower Land apartment complex threaten to disrupt the ward’s order, you will be called upon to dispose of the criminals responsible for the cryptic deaths. Experience this story from three different perspectives to piece this grim puzzle together.

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Donald TheriaultJul 15, 2021
Suda-written games have a lot of author appeal in them; the wrestling fandom (he used to write story modes for Fire Pro Wrestling games), violence, and language are definitely Grasshopper trademarks. The Silver Case 2425 puts it into a unique package, and it’s worth digging into if you’re already predisposed to digging into some good mysteries. Just maybe play with headphones and not in front of younger people.
Kate GrayAug 14, 2021
It's hard to quantify whether The Silver Case 2425 is a good game. Certainly, we didn't enjoy it in the slightest. But it's extremely purposeful with its Suda51-ness — his work might be an acquired taste, but for those who've already acquired it, this may well fill in the gaps in his back catalogue that you've been waiting for. In the case of anyone new to Suda's work, this visual novel is just too hard to recommend.
Kenny McKeeJul 25, 2021
The Silver Case 2425 may contain some of SUDA51’s oldest work, but that doesn’t stop it from feeling like a fun, fresh, and (appropriately) frightening experience for those who have yet to play it (and even those who already have!). If you haven’t delved into the world of SUDA51 and want to check this game out, just know that you’ll be getting into something wonderful and weird, and that it’s not going to be your fault if you find yourself not understanding everything at first. And if you DO know what SUDA51 is all about… well, then, enjoy!

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