The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors

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Christopher BuffaNov 07, 2019
The fact that the digital version costs the same as the Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle (with seven included games) at $19.99 makes it less appealing, but if you need The Ninja Saviors, I suggest picking up the physical version for $29.99 on Amazon while supplies last, since it comes with collectible items like an instruction manual and a mini poster. The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors is a fun throwback to a simpler time, but the bonuses don’t make it a top five beat-em-up.
Steven WeberNov 05, 2019
Ninja Saviors - Return of the Warrior is a precious walk down memory lane. For players that did not play the original Ninja Warriors title on SNES, the nostalgia effect may not garner the same interest as with others that remember the original title. Still, The Ninja Saviors - Return of the Warrior still applies some present day additions that may keep beat'em up fans interested for many nun-chuck swinging hours.
James ColozziOct 23, 2019
It’s a solid beat-em-up with solid gameplay that brings back some of the fun of the arcade classics like Double Dragon and Final Fight. But once you beat it, unless you absolutely have to have the best leaderboard score, you’ll hardly touch it again. If you love old school games as I do, this game isn’t a complete waste of cash for the price. The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors isn’t a bad game, just not a great one.
Richard SeagraveAug 29, 2019
The Ninja Saviors – Return of the Warriors should be considered a must-have for fans of side-scrolling beat ’em ups. It has some flaws, but it’s still a standout title in the genre that remains fun to play thanks to the updates that have been made. It’s just a shame that some of its later bosses feel a bit cheap, especially when playing as certain characters. Those with patience, persistence, or indeed, skill, will overlook this issue, however, and simply have a brilliant time flooring mobs of goons.
Dan HastingsSep 19, 2019
If you were a fan of the original or are a fan of classic 16 bit beat em up games, you will find a lot to enjoy here. For those into more modern forms of the genre, there has been very little added to modernize this game. Make sure you know what you are getting into before you purchase.
Cody MedellinNov 28, 2019
The Ninja Warriors: Return of the Warriors is for those who love classic arcade or console games. Those players are fine with titles being a bit short, since the replayability comes through in getting better with the game or replaying with friends in tow. It certainly helps that everything from the expanded move set to the character differences and presentation is top-tier, 16-bit stuff and rather straightforward, except for the final boss. As long as you're coming in with a mindset of defeating the game more than once, you'll have a great time with this low-key classic.
Roland IngramAug 12, 2019
You can never really go back – the game is still there, but the magic of that time mixes the memory up to something more intoxicating than it really was. Go back to the SNES Ninja Warriors now and it’s still fun, but it’s stuck in the square box of a 4:3 screen, the animation doesn’t stand out like it did and one-player-only looks weak alongside the other Final Fight tribute acts of the day. But when you see The Ninja Saviors, it’s somehow exactly what you remember: huge, lush backdrops, silk animation, and tight, mob-levelling ninja moves.
Darryn BonthuysAug 26, 2019
The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors is that kind of slice of classic cake that brings with it the pros and cons of a bygone era, but at least it’s the kind of game that makes you lust for the nostalgia-tinted days of funnelling coins into an arcade stand and engaging in some cathartic mayhem. Easy to pick up action, retrotastic visuals and a chance to feel like a hero with a power fantasy that works delightfully well on the Nintendo Switch.
Darren PalmaSep 03, 2019
If you find old school side-scrolling beat ’em ups boring and repetitive in general, then The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors probably won’t persuade you into thinking otherwise. However, if you’re like me and cherish the bygone times of risking that last coin to gain distance, or adore the memories of pummelling thugs with an explosion of 2D sprites complete with ’90s coin-op sound, then you really can’t go wrong with The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors.
Jordan RudekOct 14, 2019
The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors is a competent and satisfying experience that benefits from two-player co-op and online leaderboards. However, in being a remake of the 1987 and 1994 versions, it also fails to bring anything too interesting or unique to the table. It’s a fairly easy recommendation to brawler fans, but I think a wider audience would be better off with the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle, given its much stronger value proposition. Not that it needs saving, but Return of the Warriors isn’t quite the savior of the brawler genre.
Chris WhiteSep 06, 2019
If you’re looking for a beat-em-up to jump into and get familiar with almost instantly, The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors is just what you’re looking for. The combat is surprisingly vast, and the old school feel has been brought to the present with beautiful visuals that make the sci-fi action aesthetic look amazing. It’s not the biggest game, and some of the bosses can be tricky to take down unless you’ve got the right warrior to take them on, but it’s still a top notch fighter.
Gabriel JonesAug 30, 2019
Altogether, Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors is an exemplary update to the 1994 original. Both the new and returning characters have impressive move-sets. Discovering how to implement these techniques is very rewarding. The eight stages aren't especially creative, but they all have strong fundamentals. If players want a spot on the online leaderboards, then they have to take as little damage as possible, and accurately gauge threats. While it is fun to mash on hapless grunts, targeting elites is the only way to survive. This is one beat em' up gem that you don't want to miss.
Miguel MoranSep 17, 2019
I couldn't be happier about the return of the Ninja Warriors. The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors takes classic arcade action and updates it for a brand new era of ninjas. Combat is slick and addictive, and every level is more enjoyable than the last. Unfortunately, the ride just ends far too soon, and without any extra modes or stages to battle your way through after the credits roll, this is an excellent but ultimately far too short experience. I hope the Ninja Warriors stick around longer the next time they return.
Jhonatan CarneiroSep 16, 2019
By changing some core aspects of the beat ‘em up genre, The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors offers a SNES-like experience that is still enjoyable and unique today – even if it’s a brief one.
GameCentralAug 29, 2019
Viewed simply as a remaster this is a very welcome release but when you add in the return of Taito and the fact that this is one of the best scrolling beat ‘em-ups most people have never heard of it becomes a must-have for not just retro fans but everyone. And who knows, perhaps The Ninja Saviors will end up helping to save the whole genre from obscurity.
Joel CoutureOct 15, 2019
It doesn’t hurt that the game features some great artwork and locales, as well as a stirring soundtrack that will keep you feeling pumped up. And you can bring a friend to the game’s co-op play, adding more robots to the mayhem. The Ninja Saviors – Return of the Warriors’ highly-aggressive play style makes all other beat ‘em ups seem slow by comparison, creating a thrilling surge of constant danger and brutal fistfights.
Sergio MeleroSep 09, 2019
The Ninja Saviours homenajea a los clásicos de antaño mediante la revisión del videojuego arcade que también dió que hablar mucho en Super Nintendo. Con un planteamiento directo, un sistema jugable sencillo pero adictivo, y multitud de enemigos finales, el título que nos ocupa también se puede disfrutar acompañado de un segundo jugador. Es una pena que de esa sencillez y su escasa duración, sobresalgan las limitaciones de un título notable, pero que podría haber ofrecido más.
Alberto LloretSep 20, 2019
Natsume demuestra una vez más su buen hacer a la hora de actualizar clásicos de los 16 bits, en esta ocasión con un beat'em up que sigue diviertiendo y asombrando como el primer día... aunque eso sí, para los estándares actuales, puede saberte a poco, ya que sus 8 niveles se pueden superar en una sentada. Aún con todo, muy divertido.
Matthias SchmidDec 19, 2019
Ein Muss für Fans seitlich scrollender Prügelaction - repetitive, aber spielerisch ausgefeilte Non-Stop-Schlägerei vor sehenswerter Retro-Kulisse.
Pedro MesquitaDec 10, 2019
The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors é um dos melhores jogos do género e qualquer jogador o deve vivenciar. Os jogadores mais velhos e adeptos deste género vão aqui encontrar uma das melhores experiências deste ano.
DottorKillexSep 25, 2019
The Ninja Saviors Return of the Warriors è un atto d’amore alla storia di un genere, quello dei beat’em up a scorrimento, che ha dapprima dominato le scene, per poi ritirarsi man mano fino a rischiare di scomparire. Natsume dimostra che è invece attuale, fresco e terribilmente divertente, e, nel farlo, ci ricorda come effettuare un’operazione nostalgica senza sembrare degli avvoltoi.
matus_aceNov 11, 2019
Vizuálne je to také, ako by ste od 16-bitovej hry čakali, no nejaké menšie vylepšenia tu sú, vrátane kompletne prekreslených postáv. Hra podporuje 16:9 zobrazenie a ak chcete mať dokonalý retro dojem, môžete si zapnúť scan line filter. Hudba je veľmi príjemná a ako bonus tu je aj pôvodná automatová hudba, ktorú si môžete odomknúť. The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors je teda hrou, ktorá rozhodne nerobí hanbu ére SNES a aj dnes sa hrá veľmi dobre, len je trochu krátka a plytká. Inak ale veľmi dobre zabaví a užijete si tu aj chytľavú kooperáciu.