The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors for Nintendo Switch

The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors

Oct 15, 2019
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The good old days of beat-‘em-up action are back – the Ninjas have returned! In TAITO’s latest arcade action masterpiece you’ll slip into the role of one of five android ninjas and brawl your way through waves of enemy hordes in a dystopian future. Over a total of eight levels, you’ll take on the tyrant Banglar and his henchmen either alone or - for the first time in the history of the series - with a friend. So settle into a night on the couch with your friends, and reminisce about the golden era of 90s co-op game evenings you know and love. The original developers, TENGO PROJECT, have improved the audio-visuals in every respect, making an already outstanding game even better! Along with two completely new characters, the fully revised side-scrolling arcade brawler also offers fans a plethora of individual moves, new 16-bit pixel art graphics and animations, the revamped sound of TAITO’s legendary house band ZUNTATA as well as an online ranking system so that you can compare your skills to fighters from all over the world.

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Dan HastingsSep 19, 2019
If you were a fan of the original or are a fan of classic 16 bit beat em up games, you will find a lot to enjoy here. For those into more modern forms of the genre, there has been very little added to modernize this game. Make sure you know what you are getting into before you purchase.
Cody MedellinNov 28, 2019
The Ninja Warriors: Return of the Warriors is for those who love classic arcade or console games. Those players are fine with titles being a bit short, since the replayability comes through in getting better with the game or replaying with friends in tow. It certainly helps that everything from the expanded move set to the character differences and presentation is top-tier, 16-bit stuff and rather straightforward, except for the final boss. As long as you're coming in with a mindset of defeating the game more than once, you'll have a great time with this low-key classic.
Darryn BonthuysAug 26, 2019
The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors is that kind of slice of classic cake that brings with it the pros and cons of a bygone era, but at least it’s the kind of game that makes you lust for the nostalgia-tinted days of funnelling coins into an arcade stand and engaging in some cathartic mayhem. Easy to pick up action, retrotastic visuals and a chance to feel like a hero with a power fantasy that works delightfully well on the Nintendo Switch.